Why You Need an Employee Referral Program

Six smart reasons to add one now

By Daniel Abramson, HRSource

If a friend suggested a product or restaurant to you, you’d likely trust their recommendation, right?

The same principle applies to employee referral programs. Good people tend to associate with other good people, and hard-working employees don’t typically hang out with slackers. Rather, they gravitate toward like-minded friends and colleagues, and employees with a strong work ethic typically associate with others who share that personality trait. 

This means that when one of your A-players makes a referral, the candidate will likely be a solid citizen with good skills, thereby reducing the risk of hiring stranger.

Here are six specific reasons why you should implement an employee referral program now: 

Highest Success Rate: According to CareerBuilder, fully 82% of employers consider employee referrals their top source for return on investment (ROI). Engaging employees in the recruiting process is crucial.

Faster Hiring: According to HR Technologist, referred candidates are hired 55% faster compared to those sourced through career sites.

Improved Quality of Hire: Some 88% of employers regard referrals as the best source for above-average candidates, according to Dr. John Sullivan Research. Referred candidates also fit the company culture better, respondents reported.

Reduced Turnover: Referred employees show a 45% retention rate after two years, compared to 20% from job boards, according to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Cost Efficiency: Hiring through referrals is 51% less expensive and up to 10 days faster than other methods, SHRM found.

Boost Workplace Engagement: Referral programs foster a family atmosphere, boosting employee investment and self-worth. Encouraging employees to tap into their networks instills pride and belonging that monetary rewards can’t match.

Recommended Rewards

A referral bonus fosters a mentoring environment, aiding in the onboarding of new employees. We suggest a total referral payout of $500, with half provided after 60 days and the remaining $250 afforded after the new hire has been on board for 180 days.

Encourage multiple referrals within a year by offering a weekend trip for two to a local destination or an AVB event. (Note: BrandSource’s 2024 Convention in Dallas is coming up in August!) 

What’s Next?

Ensure company-wide promotion of your referral program. Afterall, employees need to know it exists to utilize it effectively.

Spread the word through:

  • Physical flyers posted in breakrooms near the time clock, and include QR codes for easy access
  • Company newsletters featuring success stories of high-performing employee referrals
  • Weekly staff meetings and informal gatherings.

And please note: Keep in mind that you have the final say on who gets hired. Just because a person was referred by another employee does not mean that they should automatically be offered a job. (Unless of course you like them!) 

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