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How to process an LG warranty claim

By Janice Salmon, ClaimWorks

LG and LG SKS manufacturer warranty claims must be filed using GSFS or ServicePower.

Timely processing of warranty work is very important to LG and they have restrictions that must be followed to get paid for the work you do.   

First, all warranty claims should be filed within 30 days from repair complete date on the claim, but since LG’s goal is to have them filed within three days, the sooner the better.  

Second, check the Repair Turnaround Time (RTAT) in your Service Center Agreement with LG, which specifies the number of days between the repair request date and the repair completed date. If the length of time it takes your company to repair the product is longer than the RTAT, be prepared to show documentation.  

The LG warranty claim has the standard fields like all manufacturers, but the following additional fields are also required by LG:               

  • EIA Repair Code ( Consumer Technology Association Codes)
  • EIA Defect Code (Consumer Technology Association Codes)
  • Repair Level (Carry In, Dealer Stock, In Home, Zero)
  • Repair Type (In Home, Carry In, Marketing Support)
  • APN Number (Authorization number for extra labor, mileage, OOW claims, etc.)
  • Start Date (not the date the customer called but the day you started the repair)

Also, be careful with the model number and the tag on the unit. Here’s an example  of an LG product tag: 

When filing a warranty claim, you can use the model number and remove the /00 at the end. Instead, add a period, then copy the second product code. The product code is located below the model number in the above photo.

Unfortunately, the LG database is not always accurate when it comes to model numbers in ServicePower. Upon checking in ServicePower, LRE3061ST.FSTLLGA is a valid model number, but if we follow the format suggested, then LRE3061ST.FSTLLCA is the correct model number.

When it comes to model numbers without a suffix, simply use what is shown in the model number area on the tag. There is no need to add the product code.  

Other Important Need-to-Know Claims Info

Unlike other manufacturers, LG has an additional status called “Hold.”  This status means the claim did not pass the initial validation and it’s now up to you to correct the claim. If a claim is in Hold status, you have 30 days from the Original Claim Submission Date to make the necessary corrections to your claim. If the claim is not corrected within 30 days, it will be put into final Rejection status, which means no payment.

For warranty claim assistance, submit a ticket to the LG Field Service Help Desk via the link inside the CS Portal mobile app. You’ll need your Mobile GSFS (MGSFS) ID and password to log in. Once logged in, click Operation Support at the top of the page and select Help Desk (New Ticket).

You can also call the LG Warranty Support Department at 800-847-7597; press Option 3.

General Rules for Correcting Rejected Claims 

Reject CodeValidation NameDefinitionHow to make corrections to the claim
CP09Claim once rejected by reclaim policy then resubmitted with model modificationClaim previously rejected as Reclaim (R011), then had model # modified.Verify that model # listed is correct. Attach a picture of the model / serial tag as verification.
CP16Different S/N for the same model in the same addressMultiple claims for same model, at same address, with different serial #’s.Verify that serial # listed is correct. Attach a picture of the model / serial tag as verification.
CP17Claim for the same product ID from different address with different purchase datePrior claim for same model, serial – belonging to a different end user & address – with different DOP.Verify that model, serial & DOP are correct. Attach a picture of the model / serial tag as verification. Attach a copy of POP to verify DOP listed.
R002Part Used Qty more than Sales QtyTotal # of Warranty claims & RA of parts cannot exceed the total # of parts purchased.“1) Provide an available invoice #. 2) The invoice # currently listed on the claim? has already been paid or credited? either on a prior warranty claim or on a Parts RA issued by the Parts Dept.”
R007Out of WarrantyUnit is outside of the warranty period.“Claim does not contain a valid authorization # approving payment for the out-of-warranty product repair. **Please have the consumer contact the CIC.”
R011Reclaim within Unacceptable periodMultiple repairs for same model & serial # cannot be submitted within 90 days.Reclaim policy does not pay Labor. Please remove labor. Repair Level = ZERO / Parts Only.
R041Overlapping Repair PeriodsMultiple repairs for same model & serial # — contain overlapping repair periods.“LG Warranty team will review the claim & approve if possible. **Please make sure all dates are accurate. **Please review the ‘Subsidiary Remark’ field for update.”
R042Purchase date DifferenceAnother claim (same model & serial #) contains a different purchase date.Please attach a copy of the POP to the claim? to verify the Purchase Date listed.
R075Purchase date exceeding acceptable period after MFG datePurchase date is too far after the manufacture date of serial #.“Please attach a copy of the POP to the claim. *NOTE* Certain Auction websites, other websites for ‘Used/ As-Is/ Refurbished/ No Manufacture Warranties /Dealer Only Warranties/ etc’, Estate Sales, Individual Sales, etc are NOT considered “””original””” owner products & are NOT valid POP’s.”

Remember: LG SKS brands have a two (2) year manufacturer’s warranty.

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