Switch from self-promotion to customer promotion

By Joseph A. Stepke, Acima Leasing

In an era dominated by aggressive marketing and constant digital noise, a fresh approach is taking shape on many social media platforms, challenging traditional sales and marketing strategies.

My recent LinkedIn post encapsulates this shift — from a self-promotional approach to a more customer-focused narrative.

Many retailers talk a lot about what they sell. But your customers have 99 problems and they want solutions. They want to know how your products can ease their pain points. 

My advice: focus on the solutions you offer, not just on product features.

Common Mistakes

Many businesses make the mistake of starting their posts with bragging rights: boasting about their products, awards or rankings. This approach can turn away prospective customers who are more interested in how you can solve their day-to-day concerns.

A Better Way to Connect

Here are three examples of this new approach to messaging:

  1. New Features:  Don’t just parrot a catalog sheet. Instead, tell a story about a real-world problem that a new feature solves. This technique is shown to be more effective in grabbing attention and fostering engagement.
  2. Awards:  Don’t just cite an award, explain what it means for the shopper. If your furniture store receives an honor, don’t boast. Describe how the award reflects the great service and selection you offer, and how you help your customers make their homes more attractive.
  3. Rankings: Likewise, explain what being rated number one actually means for shoppers. If you’re a mattress store, rather than simply celebrate the rating, explain that you earned it by offering the best sleep experience for your customers.

Bottom Line

This strategic shift in digital marketing, in which value-driven content is becoming paramount over self-promotion, not only enhances engagement but also builds your business’s reputation as solution oriented and empathetic to customer needs. It helps you focus on what your customers care about and makes them more interested in what you have to say — and sell.

Joseph A. Stepke, aka “Joe the Finance Guy,” is a sales manager and brand ambassador for Acima Leasing, a provider of lease-to-own solutions for retailers. Contact Joe at (615) 775-1597 or joseph.stepke@gmail.com to learn more ways to grow your sales.

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