The vendor and its Profile mixer earn innovation honors

By Andy Kriege, YSN

GE Appliances was recently recognized by Fast Company for its Profile Smart Stand Mixer, which earned a slot on the magazine’s prestigious Most Innovative Consumer Goods rankings for 2024.

Fast Company is a leading business publication focused on technology and business innovation. Its annual ranking of the world’s most innovative companies covers 58 industries. GE was recognized within the consumer goods category for its high-tech mixer. (Click here for the complete list of Fast Company’s 2024 winners.)

All Mixed Up

The Smart Stand Mixer also earned innovation awards from CES and Time magazine.

The GE mixer was lauded for its motor torque feedback technology, called Auto Sense, which tracks changes in the texture and viscosity of the contents in the mixing bowl and automatically readjusts the speed. Over-mixing and undermixing fails are no longer a risk when following complicated recipes that previously required intuition or experience, as the mixer’s automatic shut-off feature will turn it off at the correct time, GE said. 

According to GE, the intuitive machine is also at one’s beck-and-call and ready to respond to voice commands like “Hey Google, turn off the mixer,” if your hands are sticky or you are multi-tasking.

The one feature that really got the attention of the Fast Company editors was the two built-in scales. The first one is in the base while the other is in the bowl arm lift. This allows the user to measure wet and dry ingredients along with the tare weight on the fly, eliminating the need for user math.

App Appeal

The GE mixer is so smart it will tell you when and what you need to load your ingredients when using guided recipes from GE’s SmartHQ app. The mixer will tell you when to add each ingredient, beep when the correct weights are reached, mix everything together and tweak when needed, all while keeping a timer running. 

Thanks to the Smart Stand Mixer, GE said, there is nothing to do but kick back and enjoy the tasty treats the mixer practically makes all by itself.

Also sharing honors in the food prep realm: popular smokeless firepit maker Solo Stove, which unveiled its first-ever inside product, an “open flame indoors” that sits on the counter or coffee table, melts fondue and s’mores,and still cranks 3,000 BTUs of odor-free heat, Smart Company said.

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