North Central Region thanks two outgoing board members, welcomes a new one

By Andy Kriege, YSN

Two long-serving North Central Region board members have decided to step back and make room for others to step up with new ideas and input. One new one has already stepped up and is making a difference. 

Dave Carlson

Dave Carlson

Dave Carlson of AC Carlson in New Hope, Minn., is stepping aside after nine years of service to the region.

“The best part of my tenure, without a doubt, has been attending region meetings and the Leadership retreats with fellow members, board members, AVB staff and vendors,” he said. “The relationships I have made are invaluable. Too often we feel stuck inside of the four walls of our stores. Getting more involved has been a great way to meet new people, reconnect with old friends and discover fresh new ideas.”

Carlson said he would use his newfound time to focus more on running his family business, which will celebrate its 70th anniversary this year. “As my late father would say, ‘Seventy years is business is no world’s record, but it’s been more than a hobby,’” he said. 

Debbie Volkmann

Debbie Volkmann

Also relinquishing her board seat is Debbie Volkmann of Volkmann Appliance in Winona, Minn., after 15 year as a director.

“Being a board member pushed me to be more involved than probably would have been otherwise,” she said. “It has given me insights and information I would not have experienced had I not served.”

Throughout her tenure, AVB’s region meetings, Leadership Conferences and Conventions and Summits “have always a been a highlight for me,” she said, while the group’s “priceless” member support system provided help from fellow dealers who understood their colleagues’ challenges. 

Dave Jones

David Jones

Stepping up to help fill the void is David Jones of Jones Appliance & TV in Iowa Falls Iowa. Jones had previously served for several years on the Maytag Council and has returned to the BrandSource region he started with.

“As a former member of North Central, I am very excited to be back in the region and looking forward to helping lead our region into the future,” he said.

He considers his years on the Maytag Council an asset to helping him lead the North Central Region. “It is very important to make yourself available and visit with fellow members to bring forward ideas and foster an environment of sharing ideas with each other,” he said. “I already know NC does a great job of that and look forward to making sure it continues.”

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Jones has always been open to new ideas and encouraging his fellow region members to do the same. “BrandSource has done a great job of leading us in the right direction,” he said. “Over the years I have seen the importance of being open to these ideas and to change in general. I hope I can help others see the importance in continual change so we can remain relevant in our industry. The single greatest asset I feel we have in BrandSource is each other and the wealth of experience we can share to help make our channel grow.”

North Central President Tod Bellrichard, principal of Appliance Village in Rochester, Minn., also weighed in. “It is great people like Dave Carlson and Debbie Volkmann that make me proud to be president of this region,” Bellrichard said. “I would like to thank them both for serving the region. I also look forward to working with David in moving forward with all of our initiatives.

“Stay tuned,” he added. “We will be announcing the other new board member soon.”

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