At the core of achieving success lies one thing: focus

By Jim Ristow, AVB Inc.

As soon as that ball dropped last month in Times Square, the New Year’s resolutions began in earnest. 

Most of us go into the new year resolving to do something better, and hopeful for all the possibilities the coming months might bring. However, it usually doesn’t take long for our best intentions to fall by the wayside.

As an entrepreneur, it’s only natural to feel a sense of curiosity about every new opportunity that comes your way. While there is a long list of actions you could take to improve your bottom line, attempting to execute on all of them will almost assuredly guarantee failure.

Where Your Focus Goes … Your Energy Flows

If the number one goal of your business is to do more business, you need to put aside your laundry list of things you’d like to try and set your sights on just a couple of initiatives that will help you achieve that goal. That’s right, start with just two strategies or business solutions that can help your business achieve greater success. Then put a laser focus on implementing and executing them before you look to anything else. 

Resolution Solutions

As a BrandSource member, you have access to a toolbox of proven MTEQ solutions that can improve your business dramatically. Resolve to act on at least one this year, whether it’s launching or upgrading an ALTA website, bringing HUB to your sales floor to help increase both sales and efficiency or plugging into SYNC to have a dynamic POS system to take your business to the next level. 

Resolve to go on the offensive by applying one or more of these solutions that will move your business forward. The BrandSource team is always here to support you, regardless of which MTEQ initiatives you pursue.

The Proof is in the Pudding

The results speak for themselves. It is no coincidence that members who have engaged in two or more of our in-house solutions (digital marketing to drive business, ALTA websites as your flagship store or attending our live events) are faring considerably better than those on the sidelines. In fact, a plugged-in member is doing a nearly 20% better than their passive counterparts.

Bottom Line

The best way to change your entire business is by not trying to change your entire business. Instead, focus on just a couple specific areas and implement those changes until they are engrained as an everyday part of your operations. Then, repeat the process for the next thing on your list.

I look forward to seeing the “new you” at next month’s Summit in Las Vegas.

Jim Ristow is CEO of AVB Inc., publisher of YSN and parent of the industry-leading BrandSource merchandising and marketing co-op for independent appliance, mattress, furniture and CE dealers.

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