Midea product images can be dropped into an array of household backdrops.

Product shots get a digital assist

By Alan Wolf, YSN

BrandSource appliance partner Midea America has signed with imagine.io, a 3D visual content provider, to enhance its product imagery.

The pact will allow Midea to showcase its portfolio of kitchen, laundry and room air products in an array of multi-dimensional lifestyle settings, while saving time and money over traditional photo shoots. The process involves superimposing Midea’s appliances onto home vignettes using pre-set 3D templates, thereby eliminating costly studio time. 

“Allowing us to use templates of the home to swap our products in and out of kitchens, bedrooms [and] living rooms seamlessly has been an incredibly valuable addition to our repertoire,” said Dalton Ryan, Midea’s assistant manager of content creation. “We’ve streamlined our entire content creation process while maintaining top-notch image quality.”

Depending on requirements, the Midea team can generate between two and three images per day through the 3D platform, imagine.io said. The fruits of the collaboration have already begun appearing across all of Midea’s marketing channels, including packaging, social media, websites and retailer pages.

Midea America is BrandSource’s latest appliance partner, having formally joined AVB’s vendor roster on Jan. 1. The company, based in Parsippany, N.J., and led by industry veteran John Herrington, also operates an R&D center in Kentucky and an Emerging Technology Center in California.

Its parent company, the $53 billion Midea Group, is headquartered in Southern China and produces refrigeration, laundry, air treatment, floor care and lighting products in 21 factories worldwide for sale in 195 countries.  

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