Acclaimed Chef Marcus Samuelsson in Monogram’s Emmy Award-winning “My Mark” digital series.

Lauded for ‘Outstanding Short-Form Program’

By Andy Kriege YSN

Monogram, the luxury appliance brand and subsidiary of BrandSource partner GE Appliances (GEA), has earned an Emmy Award for its three-part digital series “My Mark,” featuring celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson. 

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) announced the winners of the 50th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards during an in-person ceremony in December. The awards were originally scheduled to take place in June but were postponed due to the Writers Guild strike that ended in November.

The Monogram show, launched in May 2022, offers intimate looks at the home lives and kitchens of professional chefs. Samuelsson was featured in the Emmy-winning episodes after demonstrating his passion for cooking in an early installment of the series. 

“Beyond celebrating Chef Samuelsson’s fascinating origin story, the Emmy award recognizes the artistry behind Monogram luxury appliances,” GEA said, “which create a foundation for inspiration in the home through thoughtful design and outstanding performance.” 

According to Julie Burns, executive director of Monogram and a featured panelist at past BrandSource shows, “This partnership with Chef Samuelsson was such a natural fit for our brand. Being able to share his story within the intimacy of his own home is a rare peek into the inspiration of his culinary journey.”

She continued, “We set out to share the ways he embraces his cultural background and shares those authentic influences through food, along with the mark he makes on the communities in which he lives. It’s truly an honor to be awarded an Emmy in recognition of this unique storytelling.”

Throughout the series, Samuelsson focuses on the importance of the home appliances he uses to prepare outstanding creations, and how Monogram’s 48-inch dual-fuel Professional Range, coupled with the brand’s 36-inch induction cooktop, provide the same precision he would expect in a professional kitchen. Other products featured in the series include Monogram’s fully integrated, 30-inch Wine Sommelier and Monogram Hearth Oven, all of which, the brand said, are “reimagined, reinvented and recognized.”

 “Cooking is a craft but it’s also an art,” added Samuelsson, “and that balance shows in the design of these products.”

The project was a creative collaboration between Monogram, producer Ace Content, director Abby Fuller, Bon Appétit magazine and Chef Samuelsson. 

The complete series can be viewed on Bon Appétit’s website and on the Monogram YouTube page.

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