Your customers are ready. Are you?

By Alan Wolf, YSN

Refrigerators and sofas may not top holiday wish lists (actually gift cards do, followed by apparel, books and CE), but like the lottery commercials say, you gotta be in it to win it.

As we careen toward Black Friday weekend and on into December, consumers are squarely in buying mode. Primed by weeks of national promotions and ready to shake off the chill of high interest rates, customers have one hand on their credit cards and the other on a shopping app.

Serving as a backdrop to the year’s busiest retail season are falling gas prices and low unemployment, as YSN columnist Joe Higgins observed, and yesterday’s Labor Department stats suggesting that inflation may finally be tamed.

Point being, make sure you’re poised to pounce on that prospective customer both in-store and online with competitive prices and a cascade of traffic-driving sales.

As with so many aspects of retail operations, AVB BrandSource is at your service this season with special holiday margin enhancements on appliances, plus boosted match funding on marketing and MTEQ bundles than can raise your profile during Black Friday and on into Q1.(That’s when consumers cash out all those gift cards.) Take advantage of the opportunities this group provides, or said another way, plug in to win.

So take a deep breath and ready yourself and your team for the final mile of the annual retail marathon. And regardless of your taste for turkey or your spouse’s family, close early and spend some quality time with loved ones next week.

Alan Wolf is senior communications specialist for YSN publisher AVB BrandSource, the nation’s leading member-owned merchandising and marketing co-op for independent appliance, furniture, bedding and consumer tech dealers. Write him at

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