LG Committed to California’s Heat Pump Policy

Supports state’s goal of 6M installs by 2030

By Alan Wolf, YSN

LG Electronics said it has California’s back in The Golden State’s plan to have 6 million heat pumps in place in six years.

The declaration was made last month during a two-day Electrification Summit held by the California Energy Commission (CEC), which explored “affordable, reliable and equitable pathways to electrifying buildings.” The state sees electrification of buildings as a key pillar in its efforts to achieve net carbon neutrality by 2045.

To help California meet its heat pump installation goal, LG committed to expand manufacturing capacity, collaborate with the CEC to bring heat pumps into the mainstream, and maximize efficiency/load flexibility to ensure that heat pumps are good citizens of the electric grid.

“We see heat pump products as integral parts of a smart home ecosystem, complementing connected appliances and, equally important, the integration of energy storage and energy management with advanced software and platforms,” said Thomas Yoon, CEO of LG Electronics North America. “The market transformation enabled by heat pump technologies will be accelerated by delivering on the long-awaited promise of the smart home, coupled with today’s emphasis on a zero-carbon lifestyle.”

“Partnerships with industry are critical in aligning policy and reality,” noted J. Andrew McAllister, the CEC’s lead commissioner on energy efficiency. “This new commitment will ensure grid-friendly heat pumps are widely available and help consumers understand why they’re the better choice for both climate and comfort.”

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat pumps, like refrigerators, transfer heat rather than generating it, thereby offering an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners for all climates. 

LG said California’s heat-pump plan dovetails with its own strong commitment to building decarbonization across the U.S. According to Yoon, home electrification represents a major inflection point for the company as it transforms into a “smart life solutions” business over the next several years. To underscore the point, LG displayed a number of energy-saving products at the Electrification Summit, including its heat pump clothes dryer, induction range and WashTower smart laundry system.

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