Flexsteel’s Zecliner Scores High in Sleep Study

Power recliner left participants better rested, lab says

YSN Staff

An analysis of over 700 nights of sleep in a Flexsteel Zecliner showed that participants felt more comfortable and better rested for having snoozed in the manufacturer’s power recliner.

The study, conducted by researchers at SleepScore Labs, revealed a significant improvement in individuals’ perceptions of their sleep, underscoring the importance of comfort and adjustable surfaces in promoting sleep satisfaction.

The participants normally slept on different recliners, chairs or sofas overnight, and switched to the Zecliner for comparison. Their self-reported sleep data revealed notable increases in their perceived sleep quality, SleepScore said. Among the findings, 84% of participants said the Zecliner relieved pressure compared to their previous sleep surface, and 95% reported a feeling of weightlessness.

In addition, participants reported:

  • a 107% increase in comfort and a 180% increase in coolness
  • a 119% increase in restfulness the next morning
  • a 121% increase in overall sleep quality
  • a 350% increase in the number of days per week that users felt satisfied with their sleep.

SleepScore attributed the test results to the Zecliner’s unique flexibility, which allows users to tailor the sleep surface to their individual preferences by adjusting the position of the upper body and legs. The results also shed light on the potential benefits of positional adjustments contributing to better sleep and consequently feeling better during the day, the researchers said.

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The Zecliner itself (the Model 2 power recliner with power headrest and lumbar) features zoned memory foam comfort areas in the backrest, seat and shoulders; a removeable Technogel head pillow; padded arms; a waterfall chaise; and customizable footrest, headrest and lumbar power positions, including a “Zero Gravity” recline that reduces pressure and provides a feeling of weightlessness, Flexsteel said.

“Flexsteel continues to invest in innovative products and we are excited to share that our Zecliner sleep recliner was given a seal of approval by SleepScore Labs after their recent sleep study,” said Tim Newlin, the vendor’s vice president, strategic business development. “We are committed to giving consumers high quality, comfortable products that enhance their health and well-being and the SleepScore Labs partnership helped us validate how the consumer feels about our products and will help drive future product improvements.”

SleepScore, founded in 2016 by a team of sleep experts from ResMed, Apple, Philips and Harvard University, has studied over 250 million hours of sleep for over a decade to help consumers improve their sleep and manufacturers enhance their product offerings.

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