How to Get the Most Out of Convention 2023

Last-minute reminders for this month’s BrandSource gala

YSN staff

We get it. Taking three or four days off to attend the BrandSource Convention is a big commitment.

All independent retailers have to weigh the value of time away from their businesses. But attending the BrandSource Convention is that rare exception: What you gain while you’re away makes you even stronger and more profitable when you get home. How? By offering a powerful lineup of manufacturer trainings, educational sessions and social networking events; a show-stopping product Stampede; and a two-day EXPO trade fair. You can’t help but pick up some tips, insights and product lines that will make your business even better. 

But just to be sure, here are seven ways to make the most of your time at Convention:

  1. Make a list. The agenda for Convention is available online here. Familiarize yourself with the options each day and have a list ready so you won’t miss anything. 
  2. Download the AVB Events app. If you’re attending Convention, you can find this wherever you get your apps. It hasl the full agenda, a way to create your own itinerary, a news feed and much more. 
  3. Write down your questions. Education sessions and manufacturer product trainings are so chock-full of great info it can be hard to remember what you wanted to ask. Make a list so you don’t forget anything. 
  4. Make Stampede a priority. The fast and furious buying event offers special, limited quantity, “show-only” deals on a wide range of products for your store. 
  5. Attend all the social functions you can. That include the Sunday night Welcome Reception, any meet-and-greets you’re invited to, and even grabbing a beverage with a new acquaintance. Some of the best connections and ideas happen during downtime. Pro tip: Have your business cards ready so the people you meet can contact you later. 
  6. Put FTS on your list. Furniture Technology Source is the most innovative collection of info, tools and programs for independent home furnishings dealers. Not a furniture dealer? Check it out anyway — you just never know when you might just add that mattress line.
  7. Check out the AVB Marketing booth at EXPO. There, you’ll find AVBM pros who can talk to you in depth about what’s new in digital, what they can do for you and how our members-only programs can benefit your bottom line. 
  8. Bonus Tip: Have fun!

BrandSource, a unit of YSN publisher AVB Inc., is a nationwide buying group for independent appliance, furniture, mattress and CE dealers.

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