How the delivery experience decides your net promoter score

By Ziv Fass,

In the dynamic world of retail, where customer preferences shift like sand dunes, there’s a crucial touchpoint that can make or break a retailer’s reputation: the art of timely and exceptional deliveries.

Furniture and appliance retailers who recognize this have the power to script their own success story. By ensuring a seamless delivery experience, they will quickly see the benefit of increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

NPS: A Pivotal Barometer of Customer Loyalty

The net promoter score (NPS) is a market research metric based on how enthusiastically a consumer would recommend a company, product or service. It acts as a mirror, reflecting customer loyalty and the likelihood of customers advocating for a brand. And amid the complexities of the NPS matrix, the delivery experience emerges as a critical element that molds the overarching outcome. A seamless, engaging delivery experience doesn’t just mark the closure of a transaction; it weaves a narrative that endures, etching memories far beyond the point of purchase and setting up the potential for a loyal, long-term relationship with a customer.

Understanding The Delivery Paradox

Imagine this scenario: you decided to splurge on a new sofa. The excitement builds as your order is confirmed, you receive regular progress updates and you anxiously await its arrival. Finally, the moment arrives — your sofa shows up on schedule, meticulously packaged and exuding an air of elegance. You were able to track its last-mile journey using an exclusive app and you were wowed with the highly personalized service. The process transcends mere delivery; it becomes an experience that elevates your perception of the brand.

Now, let’s change the scenario: anticipation of the long-awaited sofa delivery transforms into a series of frustrating disappointments. There’s a total lack of communication, delivery times that you stayed home for were missed and the sofa arrived late by over two hours. Even worse, when you opened the packaging you found a blue sofa, which was not the red one you ordered. 

The first scenario will help boost NPS while the second will take an axe to it. 

So, how can we ensure a stellar delivery experience built on a story of trust, consistency and emotional resonance, that will positively impact our NPS? 

  1. Connect with Customers via Cross-Journey, Personalized Conversations 

Individualized communication has become a critical element for fostering customer loyalty, enhancing retention rates and boosting sales. Enter artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, enabling retailers to fine-tune their communication strategy by striking the perfect equilibrium between automated chatbots and human interventions. 

This orchestration ensures a seamless, personalized experience based on product SKU and purchase history that naturally traverses the spectrum from sales and delivery fulfillment to customer service and back.

  1. Give Customers a Voice Using Continuously Connected Fulfillment

Consumers demand a more interactive, proactive and engaging relationship with retailers. Leading furniture and appliance retailers recognize this and are using AI and automation to give their customers a voice through the entire customer journey.

This continuously connected relationship means the retailer can alert the customer with details about their purchase and delivery, and the customer can instantly reply, rearrange delivery slots or reach out with questions of their own. 

In essence, customer interactions empowered by AI and automation unlock a realm where dynamic dialogues shape meaningful relationships, seamlessly weaving through every phase of the customer journey.

  1. Embrace the Art of Nurturing Customer Loyalty

In an era dominated by digital interactions, the delivery experience often bridges the gap between the real and virtual worlds. A brand that understands this connection — that the delivery experience is more than logistics, it’s a promise fulfilled — gains a significant advantage in nurturing customer loyalty. A positive delivery experience isn’t just a transaction; it’s an investment in the long-term success of the brand.

Using a cross-customer journey, AI concierge allows retailers to seamlessly manage pre-purchase interaction, fulfillment scheduling, delivery, post-purchase feedback and review, while ultimately creating upsell opportunities once a delivery has arrived.  

Brands using AI and automation can not only see their NPS grow to join the elite range of 70-plus (alongside the likes of Apple and Costco) but can also experience a 100% increase in 5-star reviews online, a 15% increase in upsell sales, an 85% increase in delivery confirmation rates, and a 40% reduction in labor costs.

Using AI & Automation to Become Truly Customer Centric is a conversational AI virtual agent that quickly and reliably understands and responds to what your customers need and what they are telling you. We know when to automatically initiate conversations with customers and when to hand the interaction over to our human colleagues. This makes customers feel heard and cared for, and is key to building stronger, more personal relationships that drive increased loyalty and higher sales. 

So, if your furniture or appliance retail business is looking to elevate its NPS and secure a lasting place in the hearts of your customers, remember this: Every package delivered using is not just a piece of furniture or a household appliance; it becomes a vessel of brand promise, a conduit of customer loyalty, and a catalyst for retail triumph.

Ziv Fass is the CEO and co-founder of, a BrandSource vendor partner whose customer engagement platform has been a boon to furniture and appliance dealers. Discover how to boost your NPS and drive increased loyalty and sales by booking a demo today.

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