Knowledge is power, says AVB Marketing’s William Glade

By Alan Wolf, YSN

In the latest installment of AVB Marketing’s MTEQ Talk video series, Kate Morris, GM of product and host of her own Tech Tuesday YouTube updates, chats with William Glade, the group’s director of analytics and SEO, about the importance of analytics in online selling.

The colleagues kicked off the discussion with a definition of analytics, which Glade described as a measurement of performance that can help BrandSource members gauge whether they’re achieving their business goals. “You want to know exactly how you’re performing so you can make changes, pivots and adjustments that will allow you to achieve your ultimate goal of being more profitable,” he said.

A new, more powerful tool for doing just that will arrive on July 1, when Google, an AVB partner, formally launches its fourth generation of Google Analytics and shuts down its previous platform. The good news, Glade said, is that Google Analytics 4 has already been installed on AVB’s Alta websites and will begin providing a vastly expanded wealth of performance data to members’ online “dashboards” from day one.

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AVB Marketing designed the dashboards so that the data is presented in an easily-digested, top-down format that spotlights the most actionable information.  Glade suggested members log in to their dashboards at least once a week to discern any changes in website traffic and its origin, and to tweak their digital marketing accordingly.

“We’re here of course to help if you need assistance,” he said.

The complete MTEQ Talk clip comes in at under 4 minutes and can be accessed here on YouTube.

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