Weber’s new and improved mobile app offers access to more than 800 recipes.

Connect Smart Grilling 2.0 raises the bar for barbecue

By Alan Wolf, YSN

Just ahead of backyard barbecue season, Weber-Stephen Products, owner of the Weber brand of outdoor cooking products, has launched a new and improved mobile app.

Weber Connect Smart Grilling 2.0, created entirely in-house by Weber’s software engineers, has been updated with a dynamic grilling dashboard, additional recipes, instructional videos, multi-grill and -recipe cooking capabilities, and “cook graphing.”

The latter allows backyard chefs to plot and monitor the progress of up to 12 recipes and timers simultaneously via a “mission control-style dashboard” and share app data with multiple users, the company said. The feature requires a WiFi-connected grill or a Weber Connects Smart Grilling Hub, which is available separately.

“We’ve redesigned every element in our new grilling app to complement the exceptional experience we strive to bring with our grills,” said Nikhil Bhogal, Weber’s Senior VP, Technology and Connected Devices. “We knew we wanted to elevate the look and feel of it, along with deepening its functionality and usability to speak to outdoor cooks of all skill levels, essentially creating an app that isn’t available anywhere else.”

Other 2.0 features include:

  • Access to more than 800 recipes, each crafted and tested by Weber’s in-house Grill Masters
  • Expanded compatibility, which now includes iPhones, iPads, Apple Silicon computers and Android devices
  • Voiceover and adjustable font sizes for the visually impaired
  • Remote temperature tracking and adjustment

The Weber Connect 2.0 App is available on the Google Play and Apple App Stores, and the Smart Grilling Hub, which can make any grill Internet enabled, is sold through Weber retailers for a limited-time retail price of $89, down from $139.

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