Training Program Pays Dividends in Michigan

Brad Cole musters the troops during his sales training seminar.

Brad Cole plays drill sergeant in sales training boot camp

Andy Kriege YSN

Over 50 sales associates from all over Michigan attended the Sales Training 101 boot camp put on by the BrandSource Michigan Region in February. The back-to-basics training focused on creating a great customer experience, being prepared, the initial greeting, presenting the products, asking for the sale, closing the sale and selling add-ons. 

The training was conducted by region president Brad Cole, who said he was happy with the turnout. “We took a comprehensive approach to the entire process with the intent to make it the best possible experience from the customer’s perspective.” 

The session began with teaching the sales associates to understand the different types of stores and the unique culture that exists in each one of them. The final segment was focused on how to become the best employee possible and how to get paid accordingly. “Owners want their salespeople to be the best and are indeed willing to pay for it. We taught them how to find out what the owners’ expectations are and then to exceed them and how to get paid for being the best,” Cole said. 

The turnout was very diverse. “We ran the gamut from new salespeople to ones that had over 20 years on the sales floor,” Cole said. “It was very interactive with great feedback from all. I was proud at the enthusiasm everyone showed. They were eager to learn.”

Holden Atchinson, from Jay’s Furniture Barn in Elwell, Mich., sells Karina Cole a mattress during the “putting what you learned it in action” segment of the training.

The program paid immediate dividends, which was evident after the recharged salespeople returned to their stores and shared their feedback with Cole. One text read in part, “Just wanted to let you know, our store’s attendees added an additional $397.70 to the bottom-line last month.”  Another message was equally positive. “The training is working! In the first six weeks of this year, we sold six service contracts. In the two weeks following the class we sold 10. What you did is certainly showing results in my store.”   

The Michigan Region is planning to offer similar training at the region meeting in June, including a “Back to Basics” training session on running a retail operation. “The pandemic is long over, it is time again for everyone to refocus again on the basic blocking and tackling fundamentals of running a business,” Cole said.  

The Michigan Region meeting is June 12 – 14 in Traverse City, Mich. Register HERE

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