Samantha Flaig of Heins Appliance Honored by AVB BrandSource and YSN

High Five Award winner Samantha Flaig is the driving force behind day-to-day operations at Heins Appliance. 

Receives retail organization’s High Five employee excellence award

Andy Kriege YSN

Samantha Flaig of Heins Appliance in Shawano, Wis., was named a 2023 High Five Award winner BrandSource and YourSource News (YSN).

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Flaig, who serves as lead sales associate at Heins, was one of only five individuals from across the U.S. to receive the annual accolade. Now in its second year, the awards program honors employees throughout the home goods industry who’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty and do the heavy behind-the-scenes lifting with little or no fanfare.

Nominations were collected from retailers, manufacturers and suppliers for team members deserving of a collective “high five” from their peers, and the awards were bestowed at AVB BrandSource’s annual Summit trade show, held in Las Vegas in March. 

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Flaig earned her High Five for being the driving force behind the day-to-day operations at Hein’s. Besides leading the sales team, she schedules deliveries, attends to customers and answers phones, bringing a delightful ray of sunshine to each task.

“Samantha’s enthusiasm is infectious,” said owner Chris Matson. “She makes everyone around her want to do better, including me. There is a positive energy in everything she does.”

Matson also admires Flaig’s ability to attend to multiple customers and tasks without getting rattled, and especially appreciates her team spirit. “She is the first person to volunteer to cover for someone who is out for the day,” he said. “She always steps up and helps out when needed.”

For being the embodiment of a team player and so much more, the judges at AVB BrandSource and YSN have conferred the 2023 High Five Award upon Samantha Flaig. Congratulations Samantha!

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