Amundson Appliance Knows the Importance of Clean Clothes

Clean Clothes for Kids campaign makes difference in community

By Andy Kriege, YSN

Amundson’s Appliance in Wisconsin recently initiated a community service program called “Clean Clothes for Kids” to give back to its community. 

Lucas Amundson

The 50-year-old family-owned and -operated business will give away one washer and dryer pair every month to a local family that needs assistance. 

“Every school has a family (or several families) where household money is extremely tight,” said owner Lucas Amundson. “If a washer or dryer goes out, or parents can’t afford laundromat, the kids find themselves having to go to school with the same dirty clothes. Often these kids are teased and bullied.” 

Each day thousands of kids miss school because they don’t have access to clean clothes. Having clean clothes is critical for students to feel confident enough to let them focus on what is most important: their education. Whirlpool has also recognized this need and through its Care Counts laundry pair donation program, has been working with schools to remove this sad barrier to learning by donating commercial laundry equipment to schools across the country.

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Amundson’s plans to give one laundry pair per month rotating among the four counties where the business has stores. They’re also working with a local radio station to bring awareness to the campaign. Amundson said recipients will not be announced publicly out of respect for the privacy of the families. The program’s first laundry pair was awarded in March. 

“There is no shortage of need out there as we were given 32 candidates for the first go-around,” Amundson said. “We hope to expand the program in the future and bring in other partners to possibly donate detergent and other items that are needed.”

Things to Consider if You Would Like to Set Up a Similar Program

Amundson had some suggestions for other dealers who might be considering doing something similar. 

  • Partner with a local media outlet 
  • Contact Social Services to help identify where the greatest need is. Assure them it is not a marketing effort, but community service for families truly in need. (Depending on your area, they may offer a specific family, or direct you to an organization that can do this for you).
  • Check your local tax laws. There is typically no gift tax to the family if the donation is made in the form of a gift certificate given to a charitable organization. That organization then gives the certificate to the family. 
  • Reach out to manufacturers to inquire if they would like to participate to help offset cost of the donated goods.

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