LG’s latest OLEDs offer powerful image processing and audio-enhancing technologies.

How deep learning is teaching TVs new tricks

By Stephen Paczkowski, Expert Warehouse

Now that summer is beckoning, we’re reminding BrandSource members that it’s time to start looking into how your store will support outdoor living — meaning grills, outdoor furniture and, of course, outdoor TV.

Samsung is again leading the latter with its Terrace TV line, and while the models remain unchanged from last year, the 75-, 65- and 55-inch models in both full and partial sun offer the same cost and brightness advantages over the competition. They also offer a matching IP55 weather-resistant soundbar, as well as dust covers for the ultimate in backyard entertaining.  

On another subject, we here at Expert Warehouse (EW) get a lot of questions about the proliferation of AI in tech products. While it’s probably easier to understand their application in, say, ovens that check for doneness or in self-parking cars, both LG and Samsung have integrated their latest TVs with AI-powered functionality that promises not to hunt for Sarah Connor. 

Samsung’s 2023 Neo QLEDs offer auto HDR remastering, which uses AI deep learning technology to analyze and apply real-time high dynamic range effects to each scene. As a reminder, HDR is an algorithm that increases the contrast between the brightest whites and darkest blacks that a display can produce. The chipset looks ahead and matches non-HDR content with HDR material and uses AI scripts to find key differences, then upscales the final images in the blink of an AI. (Ouch!)

Similarly, LG’s 2023 C3 and higher-model OLED TVs feature a mode that can automatically detect and refine certain images to give them more “lifelike” qualities. There’s also new audio mode, called AI Sound Pro, that simulates a surround-sound setup using only the built-in stereo TV speakers. There’s also the promise in the very near future of audio/video receivers using AI to help calculate speaker sizes and room setups.

On the economic front as we see it affecting CE, the personal consumption expenditures index — an inflation metric closely followed by the Federal Reserve — continued rising in the first quarter along with mortgage rates, suggesting that the Fed will probably follow through with another increase or three. So yes, we are technically in a recession.

However, it is important to note that people are still spending money, and ProSource (BrandSource’s affiliated custom integration group) reports that installs are still heavy in many parts of the country. As mentioned earlier, with summer now upon us, we do expect outdoor living interest to spike, adding an additional revenue opportunity for those with the space and time to capitalize upon it.

Finally, here’s what we are watching and listening to on some of the spectacular video and audio products available through Expert Warehouse:

“The Mandalorian,” Season 3 (Disney+): The continuing adventures of Mando and Grogu continue! This season explores the redemption of Din Djarin as he tries to make up for the unbelievable crime of removing his mask.

“No Control” by A Projection: Sweden’s highly recommended spiritual successor to the retiring Depeche Mode?  Infectious darkwave tones for the soul.

 “Ghosts Again” by Depeche Mode: Their farewell album, “Memento Mori,” and a supporting tour by these alt rock gods is nigh.  

“The Last of Us” (HBO MAX): The first video game-to-film adaptation that is not awful.  It’s a moving, heartfelt series (see Episode 3) that is not a “Walking Dead” clone. At least, not yet. Here’s hoping that fungi that absorb human hosts is not a thing in the future.

Stephen Paczkowski is a product manager at Expert Warehouse, the consumer tech distribution arm of YSN publisher AVB BrandSource.

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