BrandSource Members, Meet MTEQ!

Plug in to AVB’s suite of powerful retail tech tools

By YSN Staff

You may have heard a lot of talk about “MTEQ,” and you’ll likely hear a lot more this week at the 2023 Summit in Las Vegas.

In a nutshell, MTEQ, a contraction of marketing and technology, is the umbrella term for AVB’s integrated suite of retail technology solutions. Offered to all members as one package at one price, MTEQ, at its core, is built upon the group’s industry-leading Alta e-commerce website platform and our array of digital marketing services, which has earned us the rarefied status of Google Premier Partner.

Layered onto that are a host of fully integrated, high-tech offerings that are cost-effective, easily executable and, many would argue, indispensable. These include:

  • LINQ, our proprietary backend system that feeds your entire product catalog to your website and keeps it up to date with the latest pricing
  • SYNC, our custom-designed point-of-sale system that tracks sales, service, parts and inventory, all in one place
  • HUB, a customer relationship management tool (CRM) that lets you create and send quotes and follow-up communications to your shoppers via text or email 
  • KIOSQ, an interactive display panel that allows your customers to shop an endless aisle of inventory within your showroom
  • Digital price tags, which can be updated on the fly to display the latest, competitive pricing.

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Once plugged in, this collection of cutting-edge business tools can address virtually all your business technology needs, while the interoperability of the components assures a smooth, efficient and consistent experience for customers and staff alike.

Members are invited to review their retail tech standing with the actionable “Plug-In Plan Checklist,” distributed at Summit. 

YSN publisher AVB BrandSource is the nation’s largest merchandising and marketing co-op for independent appliance, mattress, furniture and CE dealers.

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