You’d be wise to add more females to your sales force

By Daniel Abramson, HRSource

When I speak with BrandSource members around the country, one of the questions I usually ask is, “Who’s your top salesperson?” And very often it’s a woman.

This seems to be true even though the selling of furniture and appliances is still largely dominated by men. In fact, less than 15% of these sales positions are filled by females, as is 32% of the general sales force around the U.S. — although women represent 40% of the nation’s top sales reps, according to Sales & Marketing Management.

This got me thinking about whether women make better salespeople than men. Here are some thoughts and research on why you should consider hiring more women to sell furniture and appliances in your store.

Women are Active Listeners. As the saying goes, telling is not selling. Listening to the customer allows him or her to convey their pain points, revealing which product feature is of greatest value. Generally, women spend 80% of their customer conversation time listening and 20% talking. According to a Forbes report, 74% of customers are likely to buy if they feel they are heard. Women, with their listening and emotional intelligence skills, will not only bring in sales but also build a loyal customer and referral base.  As we all know, referrals and recommendations are the key to building a strong book of business.

Understanding Customer Needs. Sales guru Brian Tracy says, “Approach each customer with the idea of helping to solve a problem/achieve a goal, not just of selling a product or closing a transaction.” Men tend to be action-oriented while women are often more people-oriented and demonstrate “soft” skills by and focusing on the emotional side of the conversation.

Multitasking. Women tend to be more adept at the nuances and complex nature of appliance and furniture sales, and are less likely to struggle when nurturing a deal, changing gears, multitasking, contending with a “be back” and getting to the finish line.  

Loyalty: Over the period following the pandemic, I believe women have been more loyal to their employers than men. They stay in the same companies longer, commit themselves more fully to the job and don’t bail out when the going gets tough. Hiring more women means having more dedicated staff in your store. This in turn boosts productivity and team morale, while decreasing costly turnover. Women generally bring a “Let’s all get along” demeanor.

Women’s Intuition. We’ve all heard this term before. A woman’s intuition is her sixth sense. Women tend to depend on this more than men do. Women have gut feelings, great antennas and listen to their inner voice. We know that appliance and furniture sales usually involve a husband-and-wife decision, and we find that both women and men like to buy from women.  Women also convey a less threatening style and personality to help close the deal — using a gentle nudge from time to time to move things along.  

Don’t Forget Female Vets:  Veterans are overwhelmingly seen as having more positive attributes than the average job candidate, including the resilience to keep plugging when the chips are down. And they have served their country. If possible, vets deserve to be at the front of the hiring line.

Hiring “A” players is one of your most important jobs and is the intellectual capital of your business. Think about hiring more women in sales.

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Daniel Abramson is managing lead of HRSource, a comprehensive collection of customized employment tools and turnkey solutions exclusive to BrandSource members.

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