Why you should always take a photo of the product tag

By Janice Salmon, JustPressOne

What is the value of snapping a photograph of the product tag on every job?

When you file a claim and receive an incomplete or rejected claim from a manufacturer, the solution is usually in the tag. The error message may be “invalid serial number,” “invalid model number,” “claim total zero” or “part does not match product,” among others. These error messages are not always clear. But having a copy of the tag can prove to the claim payer that the information you provided is in fact correct.  Most of the claims processing portals will allow you to attach a document — in this case, the photo of the tag — to prove the error is erroneous.

Here is just such a situation that we’re working through now:

On Oct. 31, I filed a warranty claim using the ServiceBench portal and received an “invalid model, invalid serial” error message. Lucky for me I had a picture of the tag, attached it to the claim and hit “Escalation.”   

The following day (Nov. 1), I received a message: “Unit added to the model and serial update file, please allow 7-10 business days for processing. Once updated will submit your claim.”   

Finally, on Jan. 18, I received this update: “There is a system issue causing this claim not to be able to process. We are tracking and will put it through as quickly as possible. Please do not resubmit or escalate as it will cause issues tracking.”

You must stay on top of every claim, and having the tag is certainly beneficial. As you can see, this claim is already three months old in the processing cycle. I have to check the status on a regular basis because it no longer appears on my rejected claims list. Why this is the case, I do not know.

It is also my experience that a manufacturer may ask for a copy of the tag at any time, so be prepared!

Janice Salmon is the founder and CEO of JustPressOne, a business process outsourcing company and AVB partner that provides claims administration services for independent servicers and self-servicing dealers in the home appliance industry. For more information visit JustPressOne.com.

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