How three affordable tactics can reach more customers

By Grace Kuhn, AVB Marketing

Imagine with me, if you will, a typical customer journey in 2023. 

A consumer is casually browsing for a product on their computer when they see your Google ad. They click through to your website, and while looking around they end up subscribing to your email list. But they aren’t ready to buy anything just yet, so they close their browser. 

The next day, they receive a timely email from you containing your current deals. Right then and there, they return to your website a second time to continue shopping. But this time, they notice you are on social media. Wanting to do proper research on an unfamiliar brand, they click through to your Facebook page to look at your content and read customer reviews. They’re now intrigued, so they tap that “follow” button. Your credibility with them is starting to grow. 

The next morning they habitually open the Facebook app on their phone and start scrolling their feed when they see your blog post. Because they are still in the research phase of their journey, this blog is quite valuable to them. So, once again, they find themselves at your website to further engage with your brand. Only now they’ve moved beyond catalog shopping and are investigating your “about” page and other ancillary pages, such as financing and delivery services. At this point they are really starting to trust you, and they begin to see you as an industry expert. They may add something to their cart but don’t complete their purchase yet. 

Later that day, however, another email arrives, reminding them that your knowledgeable team can answer their questions. Now, for the fourth time in three days, they find themselves back at your website, this time chatting with your team about a specific product. Twenty minutes later, they complete their purchase and are excited about their delivery.

It’s only a matter of time before they leave you a raving review, influencing the next consumer who will follow a similar journey. 

This is the magic of multi-channel marketing. By using the powerful combination of demand generation tactics like email marketing, blogging and social media marketing, you can increase your visibility organically. Let’s break down why each tactic is so valuable. 

Email Marketing 

Consumers do not typically purchase a product from an unfamiliar brand after just one engagement. But sending targeted follow-up emails can help your brand stay top-of-mind while they shop. What’s more, it proves to them you value their business because you are investing in the relationship by consistently nurturing it.

Now, when the consumer is ready to decide, they are much more likely to choose your business over a competitor who didn’t work as hard to earn their trust. The long-term benefit is that you build an email list that you can later re-engage to earn repeat customers. 


Consumers now do most of their product research online rather than talking to a salesperson in-store. Having a library of blogs available 24/7 is like having an always-on knowledgeable salesperson to answer their initial research questions. Questions like, “How does a washer-dryer combo work?” or “What mattress type do I need for a platform bed?” You effectively increase their trust in your brand by providing the helpful and accurate content they want. 

Regarding the post-purchase journey, blogs that help customers understand how to care for their products can also increase customer loyalty and create brand ambassadors. And, as you know, word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing you can get.  

Social Media

Undoubtedly you already know the value of social media advertising, but what about organic social media marketing? I’m talking about consistently posting engaging content designed to humanize your brand, inspire the consumer and make your brand more accessible to your target audience. 

People are tired of conventional, “old school” advertising methods, so you need more creative ways to engage them. You can still promote your products, but entertaining content and valuable education should also be in the mix. It’s not enough anymore to have the best prices and service; you also need to woo your customers and make them like your brand persona. Your social media channels are the ideal forum for that.     

Don’t Let Your Competitors Win

Let’s return to that customer journey we imagined a few minutes ago. We learned that the more channels you are on, the greater your chances of persuading a consumer to buy from you. But the inverse is also true: The fewer channels you are on, the less you will be seen. This means it’s your competitor who is filling your audience’s in-boxes and social media feeds, taking that valuable sale. 

A multi-channel marketing strategy is the best chance you have of winning them over. The excellent news is AVB Marketing has an affordable solution: The Full Stack Bundle.

Starting at $500 monthly, you can add all these tactics to your marketing strategy and be everywhere your customers are. AVB Marketing’s experts will implement and manage your blogs, social media and email marketing for you. With this turn-key program, you can reap the rewards of a multi-channel strategy and still be free to focus on your business. 

So, if you are ready to increase your visibility, grow your customer base and see more brand loyalty, sign up for this powerful bundle here.

And for more insights into these tactics, head over to the AVB Marketing YouTube channel.

Grace Kuhn is demand generation manager at AVB Marketing, the advertising, e-commerce and digital marketing arm of YSN publisher AVB BrandSource, the nation’s largest merchandising and marketing co-op for independent home goods dealers. Contact Grace at

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