How to Generate Demand for Your Merchandise

AVB Marketing’s Grace Kuhn shares the four core tactics of demand generation.

Four key digital drivers for increasing sales

By Alan Wolf, YSN

In the second installment of MTEQ Talk — the new monthly series of video chats from AVB Marketing — Social and Content Manager Grace Kuhn breaks down the elements of demand generation and explains how to put them to work for your business.

According to Kuhn, independent dealers can generate greater demand for their businesses and merchandise by utilizing four key digital marketing tactics: organic social media, text messaging, blogging and email. Together, she said, they comprise a marketing net that increases your chances of capturing the consumer somewhere among the eight average “touchpoints” of their circuitous shopping journeys. Here’s what each brings to the party:

Social Media: “Consumers want to buy from people, not brands,” Kuhn told MTEQ Talk host Caleb Ferguson. “Social media can humanize your brand and make you more accessible to your target audience.” 

Blogging: “It’s just a really cost-effective way to establish credibility in the industry,” she said. “When we can write about topics that resonate with customers both pre- and post-purchase, we can generate new leads as well as create customer loyalty.”

Text messaging: “We had great success with this tactic in 2022,” Kuhn said. “Eighty-six-time ROI [return on investment], effective abandoned cart alerts, excellent sales both online and in-store … This is just a really great revenue driver for our members because it puts you right in front of the customer during their buying journey.”

Email: “The magic of email is really the ability to nurture a virtual relationship with  the consumer,” she said. “When a consumer arrives at the member’s website, we can capture those in-the-market shoppers through a pop-up and then send them a series of emails during their buying journey that drives them back to the website to shop.”

For time-pressed or technology-shy members, AVB Marketing can implement and manage these demand generation drivers for them. “Members just need to talk to their AVB rep about what it is they want,” Kuhn said.

You can view the entire 4-minute MTEQ Talk below:

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