AVB websites can now keep special catalog names under wraps

By Alan Wolf, YSN

In her bi-monthly series of AVB Marketing updates dubbed “Tech Tuesday,” Product GM Kate Morris has variously filled members in on email and SMS integrations with HUB; coming upgrades to Google Analytics; two cool new features for Alta Series 11 websites; salesperson attribution in online shopping carts; and local vendor inventory in LINQ.  

In her latest video update, Morris — or rather her animated avatar— announces that the AVBM product team has just expanded its ability to create and manage custom catalogs. Previously, she explains, if a member created a special catalog in LINQ, the name of that catalog would display as a product filter on their website, under “More Ways to Shop.”

“We have now released an update so you can hide these special catalog names from your website filters, while still using them in your LINQ catalog,” she said. “Let’s say I create a catalog called ‘Inventory Surplus’ and this represents items I want to move out of my warehouse. I can now hide this title from customers shopping my product catalog, but I can still use this grouping to build flags around or show in a carousel on a priced-to-move promotions page.”

Morris said this new feature gives members more customized control over merchandising and marketing their products the way they need to — without their customers seeing behind the scenes.

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Joining Morris is a new monthly series of online video chats called MTEQ Talk. The five-minute installments, hosted by AVBM experts, provide an overview of the multiple marketing technologies at dealers’ disposal — including LINQ, SYNC, The HUB, KIOSQ and digital price tags — and explain why “plugging in” to simplified digital solutions is the best way to drive business this year.

You can view Morris’s latest “Tech Tuesday” installment below:

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