LG puts it best foot forward with the space-saving Styler ShoeCare and ShoeCase system for cleaning, storing and showcasing favorite footwear.

New features come to the fore at the Kitchen & Bath show

By Alan Wolf, YSN

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), the country’s largest showcase for home appliances, is in full swing this week in Las Vegas, where vendors are betting that their newest introductions will hit the retail jackpot.

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Like all exhibitors, the stakes are high for LG, which is presenting hot new cooking, laundry and even shoe care solutions at the show. Among the former is an induction slide-in range with air fry and air sous vide under the LG Studio badge. Features include a large, 6.3-cubic-foot cavity; an UltraHeat burner with up to 4.3kW of cooking power; and LG’s unique InstaView lighting that illuminates what’s cooking with two taps of the oven door glass.

In laundry, LG is introducing an updated and more diminutive WashTower laundry center. The stacked laundry pair is now available in a compact size, whose reduced height provides easy access to the dryer and its filter and fits within low-ceiling laundry rooms, while the full-size iteration features an updated center control panel replete with 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen. The dryer itself employs heat-pump technology and a ventless design that reduces potential fire hazards by using water to push lint through the drain hose. The washer, meanwhile, employs a direct-drive motor and artificial intelligence to provide optimal cleaning performance based on load size, fabric softness and soil level.

Now about those shoes: LG says its Styler ShoeCare system uses steam to refresh and sanitize up to four pairs of shoes in 37 minutes, while multiple moving nozzles remove any remaining moisture. The companion LG Styler ShoeCase features a 360-degree rotating turntable and wide array of mood lighting to best display shoe enthusiasts’ favorite pairs, the vendor said, while protecting footwear from humidity and fabric-discoloring UV light.

Also on display at LG’s KBIS exhibit space are the previously introduced MoodUP fridge with color-changing door panels and PuriCare Aero tabletop air purifiers that double as furniture.

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