Here’s some helpful advice to make it less harrowing

By Janice Salmon, JustPressOne

At JustPressOne, we’re developing a software connection portal (ClaimWorks) that will eliminate the claims processing issues you may be faced with today. Imagine knowing the claim status before your technician leaves the customer’s home!

In the meantime, here are some hints and tips on claims correction that will help you get your claims corrected faster and get paid for your service without too much aggravation.  


Many leading companies use ServicePower software for claims processing, including AIG, Assurant, Bosch, Centricity, Electrolux/Frigidaire, GE, Hisense, LG, Lowe’s, Speed Queen, SquareTrade and Warrantech.

When a claim requires correction in the ServicePower portal, such as when an invalid part invoice number was entered, the portal changes status from Distributor Review to IncompleteThis allows you to update the claim and resubmit it for payment.  

If your claims are in F=Forward status for longer than two weeks, make sure you contact the manufacturer for the final status.  We understand that ServicePower is working on a solution for this; however, to be on the safe side, make sure the vendor updates the status for you, or use your iSupplier account to check payment status.


Manufacturers that use ServiceBench for claims submissions include Danby, Miele, Sub-Zero/Wolf/Cove and the Whirlpool brand family of JennAir, KitchenAid, Maytag and Whirlpool. 

In the ServiceBench portal, inputting an invalid part invoice number your claim does not return to an Incomplete status for you to correct.  If you have a correction, you must make the necessary changes to the claim, then save it as a new claim and Submit. Then keep an eye out for emails from; these are the claim status updates.    

Here are a couple of other tips when using the ServiceBench portal:

  • Any claim in Saved status in ServiceBench means you forgot to hit Submit.
  • The best way to find your claim is a Claim Review, using your claim number in the reference field for searching.

Alliance Portal

If you are using the Alliance portal for Speed Queen, claims submission is easy and all claims begin with an In Process status. In a few days the status should change to Approved; if it does not, click on the Claim ID# and scroll up to the Warranty Claim Comments.  Notice that Comments from ALS explains why the claim will not move out of the In Process status. If you need to make a correction you must submit a new claim — in which case you must also change your claim number. (We suggest adding an “R” to the end as a designation for resubmit.)   

Contacts for Warranty Claims Support

Getting in touch with manufacturers and other job sources for questions about your claims is an art. You need to know which ones have claims support teams with phone numbers or email addresses and which ones have limited support.

If you have a GE claim in rejected status, you must send an email (one for each claim) to You will usually receive a response within in two business days. In the unlikely event you do not receive a response, simply resend your email.    

Electrolux provides a more immediate service, as you can phone (866) 646-6810, enter your eight-digit account number (remember to add 000 to the end of your account number), and within a few rings a service representative will answer your call. Each call is limited to addressing four claims in total. (By the way, it is our experience that this same limitation applies to AIG and Assurant, as well.)

Here’s a short list of other support numbers you may find helpful:

2-10 Home       800-482-4776

AIG                  866-523-8649 

Assurant           866-369-1178 

Beko                888-352-2356

Bosch              800-366-6836

Bertazzoni        866-905-0010 

First American  800-553-6699

GE                    800-206-1069 

LG                    800-243-0000

Old Republic    800-858-4488

Speed Queen   920-748-3121

Sub-Zero          800-222-7820

Thor/Zephyr     877-430-5253

Viking              800-914-4799

Warrentech      817-785-6601

Whirlpool         888-378-8808 

For brands like GE that do not have a claims support hotline you will need to email your claims questions. Here are three addresses:




Stay tuned next month for more information on correcting claims.

Janice Salmon is the founder/CEO of JustPressOne, a business process outsourcing company and AVB partner that provides claims administration services for independent service companies and self-servicing dealers in the home appliance industry.

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