Donating laundry equipment to frontline pet rescuers

By Andy Kriege, YSN

Speed Queen is helping Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) achieve its goal of ending pet euthanasia in America by 2025.

That noble objective inspired Speed Queen to donate pairs of its ultra-quiet TR7 top-load washer and DR7 sanitizing dryer (featuring Pet Plus sanitizing and fur-removal cycles) to select foster pet care providers across the country. The company’s aim was to give back to the heroes who give so much of their time and love to animals in need.

“From product development and sales to marketing and manufacturing, Speed Queen is a brand made up of animal lovers,” said Cody Masluk, the company’s VP, North America Residential. “I’m excited to lend our support to Best Friends, an organization that closely mirrors our values as a company to make a difference each day.

 “Make no mistake,” he added, “this is a true partnership. Speed Queen is committed to getting its hands dirty and doing all we can to help at-risk animals and to support Best Friends’ goal of no-kill in the United States.”

As the official laundry partner of BFAS, the Speed Queen crew has met many passionate animal advocates. To highlight their stories and shine a light on the needs of these animals, they have selected several special foster moms and dads to receive the TR7/DR7 laundry pairs, which will help keep their pet-friendly households as fur-free as possible.

The first of the laundry giveaways under Speed Queen’s Foster Fur Heroes program went to Annie Housel of Dallas, who takes in wayward dogs with challenges. Her journey began about six years ago when she saw a Facebook post about a pregnant pit bull whose litter was likely to be aborted.

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Housel took in the soon-to-be mother from the animal shelter, who promptly gave birth to 13 puppies before taking ill. That meant bottle-feeding the newborns, and thanks to Housel’s help, mom and 12 of the pups pulled through.

Since that first litter years ago, Housel estimates that she has nurtured and provided foster care for upwards of 400 dogs, yet was taken aback by Speed Queen’s generosity. “Honestly, I got a bit shaky that I would be gifted something so nice for doing what I love doing,” she said. However, she strongly urges others to take up the cause. “If you are even thinking about fostering, please say yes just once,” she implored in a BFAS video. “Because just once can get these dogs to forever.”

Speed Queen spokesman Randy Radtke said the program is just an example of the company’s commitment to the cause.

“Our Foster Fur Heroes initiative is a natural extension of our being the official laundry partner of Best Friends Animal Society,” he said. “We are passionate about helping animals, as evidenced by being the first laundry equipment brand to offer dedicated cycles for pet items. We are proud to help this organization find good homes for animals.”

Speed Queen Media Manager Randy Radtke is doing his part for the cause by taking in this unwanted Dalmatian, whom he discovered while writing about the BFAS and Foster Fur Heroes programs.

The Takeaway

There is a tremendous need for foster care and adoption of unwanted dogs and cats in this country. Roughly 6.5 million animals enter shelters each year but only 3.2 million are adopted according to the ASPCA. Unfortunately, the numbers have increased dramatically after animals adopted during the COVID-19 lockdowns were abandoned after the restrictions lifted, increasing the strain on shelters to provide for these creatures.

Adopting a pet can help ease overcrowding at shelters by giving these animals safe, comfortable homes. If you want to be part of the solution and add a wonderful, loving pet to your family, adoption is a great route to go. Interested? Visit the Speed Queen site, Best Friends Save Them All.

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