AVB Offers SYNC Point-of-Sale Training

AVB’s COO Dave Meekings walks through SYNC with the Convention 2022 crowd.

Live online sessions held twice weekly for group’s proprietary platform

By YSN Staff

AVB is offering independent dealers an online opportunity to get in sync with SYNC.

Each Tuesday and Thursday, the experts behind the group’s proprietary point-of-sale (POS) system will hold five different training sessions and site demos, all live, addressing various aspects of the new platform.

For those unfamiliar, SYNC can run every aspect of a retail business, from sales and service to parts and inventory, all in one place. Created specifically for independent appliance and home furnishings dealers, the cloud-based system requires no special hardware or servers and even allows businesses to go paperless. What’s more, SYNC is now able to push live inventory back to AVB-designed websites, removing the pain point of product availability for customers and the dealer.

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The complimentary new training and demo series is held Tuesdays 8-9 a.m. PDT (11 a.m. EDT, 10 a.m. CDT and 9 a.m. MDT) and Thursdays 2-3 pm PDT (5 p.m. EDT, 4 p.m. CDT, and 3 p.m. MDT).

No RSVP, pre-registration or fee is required; simply visit the training site and choose from five different “rooms,” each covering a different SYNC-related subject:

Room 1: WHAT IS SYNC?  Watch a demo of the SYNC POS system and learn how it can help make your life easier and your company more efficient and profitable. 

Room 2: HOW DO I GET STARTED WITH SYNC?  Learn how to sign up and move your company onto this exclusive new POS platform.

Room 3: POINT-OF-SALE TRAINING.  Learn how to create and fulfill sales orders, parts orders and service orders within the SYNC system.

Room 4: ADMIN / BACK OFFICE TRAINING.  Learn how to perform each of the system’s owner/manager tasks.

Room 5: SCHEDULING & ROUTING.  See this latest addition to the POS system, SYNC’s new scheduling and routing module, integrated with Google Maps.

Additional sessions and topics will be added going forward.

According to SYNC Product Manager Rich Lindblom, the first POS training session was held last week before a large and enthusiastic audience. As BrandSource member Stephen McVay of Charley’s Appliance noted, “My company has been operating the SYNC POS since April of this year. The SYNC support team has been incredibly responsive to any help or changes we might need to make it a successful experience. The additional training provided by the SYNC group training session last Thursday only added to this value.”

Added Lindblom, “Whether you are already using the SYNC POS system and are looking for additional training, or are interested in seeing if SYNC might be right for your company, you and your staff are encouraged to log in and check out the various sessions every Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon.”

To join the trainings online, click here; to participate by phone, dial 231-981-8128 and enter this PIN: 609 601 322#

Questions? Please contact the SYNC support team at syncpos@avb.net.

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