Malouf Helps Raise Online Awareness for Parents

Partners with Impact Suite to develop free digital safety app

By Alan Wolf, YSN

Digital communications have revolutionized the world, but even the most well-intentioned innovations have their dark side.

That duality is perhaps most apparent for parents, who welcome the ability to stay in touch with their youngsters via mobile phones, but all too often share that access with potential predators.

To help families navigate the challenges of today’s digital landscape, BrandSource home furnishings partner Malouf has in turn partnered with wellness app developer Impact Suite to create Raise, a free parenting app and program that provides practical advice from experts.

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Leveraging the knowledge base of psychologists, sociologists, neuroscientists and law enforcement, Raise helps parents tackle such digital-age issues as managing screen time, navigating inappropriate content, confronting cyberbullying and protecting against online predators.

Those concerns will also come to the fore at a Raise-hosted Digital Safety Conference, touted as “the most relevant parenting event of the year,” to be held Tuesday, Oct. 18 in Lehi, Utah.

The effort is one of several initiatives supported by the Malouf Foundation, whose flagship cause is confronting child sexual exploitation. Company founders Sam and Kacie Malouf, themselves parents of five children, began by donating bedding to foster care families, safe homes, women’s shelters and other survivor aftercare centers. Today, the Malouf Foundation collaborates with healthcare providers, government officials, law enforcement and other industry experts to educate the public, help survivors heal and improve prosecution processes.

To sign up for the free Raise parenting app, click here or download it directly from Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

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