Evan Kramer of TD Bank demonstrates a desktop Kiosk to BrandSource members Brian Shealy and Christin Herbert of Economy Furniture at last week’s Convention in Dallas.

Increase financing applications and empower your customers

By Craig McGuinness, TD Retail Card Services

Consumer financing options are a powerful tool for closing sales and generating bigger tickets. But there’s that awkward moment on the sales floor when the conversation turns to applying for credit.

Customers may not feel comfortable sharing personal information, or maybe they’re worried about not being approved. Enter the Versatile Credit in-store Kiosk — a high-tech solution offered by TD Bank N.A. that allows your customers to apply on their own terms.

What is the Kiosk?

The Kiosk also comes in a freestanding configuration.

Simply put, Kiosks are brandable, standalone displays that sit on your showroom floor or sales desk. Customers can apply for AVB financing through the interactive touchscreen panel or their own personal device by scanning a displayed QR code. It’s easy, secure and a great way to provide shoppers with opportunities to apply for credit at any point in their shopping experience.

Even better, all applications for the AVB credit card are sent through the Versatile Credit waterfall decisioning engine, which helps to maximize approvals by seamlessly transitioning applicants to secondary financing options upon a decline. (Members would need to also be enrolled with other lenders to fully utilize the waterfall solution.)

Proven Technology, Proven Results

Versatile Credit Kiosks are already being used every day by BrandSource members like Boston’s Yale Appliance. “We installed freestanding Kiosks in all of our locations and immediately saw an increase in AVB credit applications,” said Francesco Froio, Yale’s director of stores. “Our customers prefer the privacy of applying on their own, and our sales teams appreciate the speed of the credit decisions, which allows them to focus on the sale at hand.”

Get the AVB Kiosk Advantage for Your Business

Kiosks offer:

  • Freestanding and desktop device options to meet your store needs
  • Contactless, private and secure application experience
  • Snap-to-apply QR codes that allow customers to apply from their own mobile devices
  • More approvals with the AVB complete waterfall application

Want to Offer the AVB Credit Card?

To learn more about this powerful tool, contact Craig McGuinness at Craig.McGuinness@TD.com or Cam Woliver at Cam.Woliver@TD.com. Or get started today at enroll.tdcomplete.com/avb.

Craig McGuinness is VP, RCS National Account Manager at TD Retail Card Services, a private-label credit card partner of AVB BrandSource. Contact Craig at Craig.McGuinness@TD.com.

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