GE Appliances President/CEO Kevin Nolan visits the new Stamford facility, where Monogram’s Smart Flush Hearth Oven is produced.

Pint-size production facility produces Monogram Hearth Oven

By Andy Kriege, YSN

GE Appliances’s newest manufacturing operation is up and running in Stamford, Conn. 

The small-scale factory, dubbed CoCREATE Stamford, is described by GE as “an innovative model that aligns workforce development and educational opportunities for students interested in the fields of engineering and manufacturing.”

The first fruits of the state-of-the-art micro facility fell under GE’s super-premium Monogram brand in the form of a Smart Flush Hearth Oven. Built on the success of Monogram’s popular Hearth Oven, the line extension is a ventless, handcrafted, all-electric home oven that brings the performance of wood-fired brick ovens indoors.

GE expects to launch additional appliance innovations from CoCREATE Stamford as early as next year. Besides its modern approach to manufacturing, upon its completion in January 2023 the micro factory will feature a collaborative makerspace for the community, provide hands-on educational opportunities and offer unique brand and product experiences for consumers looking for inspiration in the kitchen and home, the manufacturer said.

GE is also building on its longstanding commitment to local workforce development through partnerships between CoCREATE Stamford and the University of Connecticut and Connecticut State College and Universities (CSCU).

Connecticut joins a number of states outside GE’s Kentucky base where the company has grown its U.S. manufacturing and distribution presence as part of a six-year, $2 billion investment in new products and technology. 

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