Danby’s new slide-in range and companion OTR microwave bring luxury elements to tight living spaces.

Vendor’s first-ever double product launch set for October

By YSN Staff

Danby Appliances, the Canadian manufacturer and distributor of compact kitchen appliances and ACs, is planning its first-ever double product launch in the company’s 75-year history. 

On deck is a 24-inch electric slide-in range with built-in TruAirFry technology (model DRCA240BSS) and a complementary 24-inch over-the-range (OTR) microwave oven (model DOM014401G1).

“These two units complement each other in a small kitchen to give [consumers] more meal options and to make entertaining in a small space easier,” said Danby product manager Moumita Roychowdhury. “While chicken wings or fries are being air-fried in the oven, you can also prepare other entrees in the microwave. Having the air fryer built into the range eliminates the need for an additional appliance, helping to save space on the countertop.”

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At just 24 inches wide, the slide-in range is packed with high-end features to help fit luxury into a small living space, the company said. These include a top-mounted heat/fan combination for crisper air frying, an included air fry basket and 2.5-cubic-feet of cooking capacity (more than enough room for a 20-pound turkey). Other features include two racks with three adjustable positions, an extra-large window to check on the cooking progress and a ceramic glass cooktop for easy cleaning.

There’s also a removeable oven floor that can be readily pulled out and washed in the kitchen sink for added convenience.

Meanwhile, Danby compares the matching OTR microwave to “pairing a great cheese with a full-bodied wine.” The unit has five pre-set buttons — for potatoes, pizza, meats, vegetables and popcorn — and an onboard sensor that detects humidity and shuts off the oven when the meal is perfectly cooked. The sensor also helps to perfectly reheat food and beverages, while other features include a soften/melt option for butter and ice cream, a defrost setting based on weight or time and a child lock to prevent accidental use by youngsters.

In addition, the 24-inch OTR offers a three-way venting system with top, rear and re-circulating vent fans complete with preinstalled charcoal filters. The two-speed, 300 CFM fans turn on automatically when the unit detects smoke.

The slide-in range carries a suggested retail price of $1,199.99 and the OTR microwave is priced to hit a $449.99 retail. Both units will ship in mid-October and will be available to BrandSource members directly from Danby or through its coast-to-coast distributor, Almo Corp.

For more information on the Guelph, Ontario-based business, visit Danby.com.

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