Chris Moore’s Goal: Never Drop the Ball

BSF’s general manager juggles work, family and fun with aplomb

By Andy Kriege, YSN

Most BrandSource members know Chris Moore as the hardworking Energizer Bunny from BrandSource Financial (BSF) who seemingly never stops, making sure all members have whatever they need to finance their inventory. While BSF’s general manager devotes a considerable amount of time and energy to a job she loves, she also brings a comparable passion to her personal life.  

Moore lives in Orange County in Southern California with her husband John, with whom she celebrated her 30th anniversary last spring. The couple has two daughters, Kelsey, 26, who lives in Dallas, and Ashley, 23, who makes her home in Knoxville, Tenn.

Juggling Priorities

While her job vies for the top spot on the priorities list, Moore does an incredible job of juggling work, family and fun. And that fun includes (in case you haven’t already guessed it) … juggling!

“I went to juggling school one day a week for six years, from eighth grade through my first year of college,” Moore said. There, she learned to shuffle balls, bowling pins, clubs and even fire in the air. But the toughest skills had nothing to do with flame; those were passing clubs and juggling five balls.

“I had a blast,” she recalled. “My teacher was a juggler at Disneyland and to this day we are still very good friends.”

Moore’s mastery of juggling dovetails with the skillset required to manage the many elements of BSF member support. Those include ensuring all orders are approved, underwriting annual reviews, approving credit lines, going through scores of emails, returning phone calls and resolving member and vendor issues, all simultaneously and seemingly without ever dropping the ball.

Feeling Chili? Well Come on In!

Moore and husband John have made their backyard an epicenter for entertaining.

Among Moore’s other favorite pastimes is cooking and entertaining. Both are taken to the max when she and John host their annual chili cook off. Following a two-year, pandemic-prompted hiatus, the sprawling gala is back on again, with up to 75 guests expected to fill the house and spill out into the garage and backyard on the Saturday before Christmas.

The extravaganza features multiple categories, including the best-decorated chili station. “After the first few years, the non-chili cooks complained a bit and asked for a baking category,” Moore said. “It worked out perfectly to add baked goods, as we now have a ton of desserts.” Contestants go to great lengths to impress the judges, including using string lights and all manner of materials. “Some people get very competitive and go crazy with the planning and design of their stations, and you never know what will be unveiled. But it is always a great time for everyone.”


When she’s not busy juggling finance programs, bowling pins and backyard guests, Moore enjoys short trips with family and friends and seeing new sights.

Moore owes her golf game to the late Bill Pleasants Sr.

Another recently added passion is golf. The inspiration to take up a game she had never tried came from the late Bill Pleasants, Sr. of Plaza Appliance Mart. “Right after last year’s Convention I spoke with Bill about using BSF for his inventory financing,” she said. “He suggested we get together in person and asked if I was a golfer.” Realizing there was no better time to learn than the present, Moore answered “No, but I will learn!”

Within a few weeks she took her first lesson and is now on the way to playing a respectable round of golf. “Unfortunately, Bill and I never had the opportunity to get out on the course together, but he truly inspired me to take up a game that I now love,” she said. Moore has a special advantage in that her home is next to a golf course, making it convenient to work on her game.  “I’m gradually getting better, and when I occasionally make par on a hole, I get so excited I’m out there dancing on the green,” she said. “I’m hooked!”

Prior to joining BrandSource five years ago, Moore spent 25 years in Yamaha’s music division, where, not unlike BSF, she helped launch the company’s in-house financing program.

Moore had envisioned finishing her career with Yamaha, but all that changed when AVB came calling. “I was hoping for something new when I was hired and BrandSource didn’t disappoint; I got that and so much more,” she said. “I really enjoy interacting with the members, making a connection with them and forging relationships.”

Moore takes pride in the growth of the BSF portfolio during her tenure, and in helping members grow their businesses. “There are times I have helped members when their businesses were struggling,” she said. “It is rewarding when they pull through and turn things around. Our members are great, and I’m so glad to be a part of it.”

BrandSource, a unit of YSN publisher AVB Inc., is a nationwide buying group for independent appliance, furniture, mattress and CE dealers.

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