Samsung’s AI-Powered Laundry Pair Hits Retail

Samsung’s Bespoke laundry line is available in brushed black, brushed navy and silver steel finishes (above).

Latest addition to its Bespoke collection of customizable appliances

By YSN Staff

Samsung’s newest addition to its Bespoke line of customizable refrigerators and Jet cordless vacuums made its first appearance on retail sales floors last week.

Like its predecessors, the new AI-powered, front load Bespoke washer and dryer feature sleek, fashion-forward designs and premium color choices that allow customers to create a look that expresses their personal style, the vendor said. That includes a flat-front design, scratch-resistant tempered glass doors, finishes in brushed black, silver steel and brushed navy, and a multi-control panel that allows owners to control both units from one central display for those who prefer a stacked installation.

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Inside, the 5.3-cubic-foot washer can take on a king-size comforter while advanced AI technology senses dirt levels and fabric types and automatically sets the optimal wash cycle and detergent levels. Similarly, the Bespoke dryer’s AI-driven optimal dry function uses an advanced moisture sensor to gauge the dampness of the freshly washed laundry load and automatically adjusts the cycle and temperature to reduce fabric wear and tear.

In addition, the laundry pair shares a “super speed cycle” that will wash and dry a full load in less than one hour without sacrificing cleaning or drying performance, Samsung said.

Suggested retail prices start at $1,449 per unit.

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