Hold on tight and don’t let go

By Alan Wolf, YSN

Texas is synonymous with cowboys and rodeos. Given the current economic backdrop, how appropriate then that AVB BrandSource’s 2022 Convention is being held in The Big D.

Like a bucking bronco, the ups, downs and sideways of American and global commerce are enough to give you whiplash. Look there — inflation is soaring like the Panhandle heat. But wait, the latest retail sales report was rosy. Employment is up, stocks are down, gas prices are all over the place and recession is around the corner.

As AVB’s fiscal observer Joe Higgins described at Summit 22, ours is a “50/50 economy” — the glass is half full and half empty. “Things are moving so fast it is challenging even for an economist to stay abreast of inflation, interest rates, GDP and all the other numbers that impact our economy,” he wrote in a July YSN column. Meaning any economic yardsticks will both torment and comfort you.

What’s an independent owner to do as she plans ahead for her business?

Like a longhorn rider in the chute, the first order of business is to hold on tight! And when the economic rodeo gets rough, trust in your innate knack for retail, your unique understanding of your local customer and that same entrepreneurial spirit that got you this far. Then multiply that by the thousands, because your fellow BrandSource members, like you, have survived the worst that viruses, administrations, economies and box stores have thrown at them. You have a magnificent sounding board — use it.

In addition, AVB has amassed a cattle drive of cutting-edge marketing, merchandising and operational programs that can put you on par with any national chain or direct seller. They’ve kept you riding high through every challenge, and this go-round is no different.

So saddle up, members. Follow the Chisholm Trail to Dallas and avail yourself of these game-changing resources at Convention 2022. Yippee io ki yay!

Alan Wolf is Senior Communications Specialist at YSN publisher AVB BrandSource, the nation’s leading merchandising and marketing co-op for independent appliance, home furnishings and consumer tech dealers.