Heydlauff’s Appliances’ Dancing Morkie

Kallie says, ‘Catch me if you can!’

By Andy Kriege, YSN

Kallie is a 10-year-old morkie — a combination Maltese and Yorkshire terrier — who belongs to Katie Litzinger, the office manager at Heydlauff’s Appliances. Litzinger has been bringing Kallie to work since joining the Chelsea, Mich.-based BrandSource dealer about a year ago.

The Dancing Morkie

“She doesn’t come to the store every day, but when she does, customers and co-workers really love her,” Litzinger said. “She does this routine where she stands on her hind legs and dances for people. It’s super cute.” 

Bringing Kallie to the store has been working out fabulously for Litzinger, Kallie and Heydlauff’s. “Being able to bring Kallie to work is an awesome perk,” she said. “It’s so comforting knowing she is here and is being taken care of during the day and not home alone for eight hours. I love having my dog here at work. She is so fun, and brings so much joy to everyone here.”

While Kallie is free to roam the showroom as she pleases, she mostly sticks fairly close to her owner. “She can go wherever she wants in the store; however, I try to keep an eye on her at all times, so I don’t lose track of her.”

Lovey-Dovey Doggie

To say Kallie is an affectionate pup is an understatement, as she is known to greet total strangers by giving them endless kisses. “That has been the only issue that we have had so far, that she is so loving she licks a bit too much on unsuspecting people,” Litzinger said. “Not only is she super friendly, but she is also a great cuddler. I think she is the best dog ever.”

Catch Me if You Can

Another issue that comes up from time to time is trying to catch Kallie when it’s time to go. She often has other intentions, and will occasionally taunt her pursuer by taking off throughout the store. She has been known to wear out even the most determined dog chasers in her game of “Catch me if you can,” which was caught on the store’s surveillance camera:

As Litzinger’s nephew Caleb quickly learned, Kallie loves to run around and elude capture. Footnote: Caleb ran out of gas before Kallie did.

Kallie is Litzinger’s constant companion and goes everywhere with her. “She loves bike rides and going shopping,” she said. “It definitely has an impact on where I choose to shop and spend my money.

“I absolutely love dog-friendly businesses,” Litzinger added, “and I recommend you become one too.”

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