Weber Relaxes its Warranty Rules

Allows third-party parts under FTC edict

By Alan Wolf, YSN

Weber-Stephen Products, makers of the popular Weber line of outdoor grills, has agreed to the use of third-party parts in the repair of its products.

The company had previously mandated that consumers use only Weber replacement parts or risk voiding their OEM warranties.

The change was prompted by a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) action that challenged the restrictions under the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. The act prohibits a company from limiting a product warranty to the use of branded items or services unless they’re provided at no cost, giving consumers the option to have their products repaired by independent servicers using third-party parts.

The FTC order follows similar actions last month against Harley-Davidson and MWE Investments, makers of Westinghouse outdoor generators.

Illinois-based Weber manufactures and sells grills and related products worldwide and offers limited warranties that provide for no-cost repair or replacement, should the products have defects or other issues. Under the agreement with the FTC, Weber will notify customers of the policy change and update its warranties accordingly.

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