The Power, and Profit, of Learning

How a warranty claims webinar boosted my service department’s profits

By Cindy Conrod, TC Appliance

This past spring, I had the pleasure of attending a GE Appliances webinar on warranty claims filing procedures.

I have attended many classes by many vendors through the years, and have been frustrated by regional sales managers’ lack of understanding regarding self-servicing dealers. The procedures from company to company can be vastly different, even within the same warranty claim sites.

In contrast, Jim Swift, GE’s Northeast Region customer care manager, did an excellent job of explaining what is required when filing a claim. He presented slides that simulate the Service Power site so we could see exactly what needs to be filled in and why. He also took the time to answer our questions, especially when the topic of being a self-servicing dealer arose. I, for one, learned that I can claim freon within a claim and no longer have those funds lost in the labor figures. That information will help with service department profits.

Every servicer should plan on attending these classes. The knowledge you will gain will equate to dollars in your bank. Here are three ways you can readily improve your service departments profits simply by knowing the proper procedures:

  • Eliminate wasted wages due to rejections and improve the efficiency of the whole claims process.
  • Add previously unclaimed charges like freon, mileage or a second technician to your claims by knowing the procedure and seeing how easy it is to do.
  • Have a clear picture of what manufacturers need from you, making it easier to get a warranty rate increase.

GE opened my eyes to how important it is to attend classes like these. The trainer had valuable information that I would not have gained otherwise. A big thank you to Jim Swift and GE Appliances. It was a really good experience and time worth spending.

My goal going forward is to attend all warranty webinars as they become available. I want to be an expert in everything warranty because we are only as good as the education we get.

Cindy Conrod is chairperson of the BrandSource National Service Committee. A principal of TC Appliance in Sturgis, Mich., she is a BrandSource Dealer of the Year, an inaugural Service Committee member and is an outspoken advocate for self-servicing dealers.

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