Pop Quiz: How Good Are Your Communication Skills?

They might need some brushing up if you work with customers and/or staff

By Daniel Abramson, HRSource

Want to improve your workplace communication, interpersonal relationships and emotional intelligence (i.e., soft skills)?

I believe that E.Q. (emotional quotient) is the new I.Q.  At the end of the day, we need to hire on attitude and teach technique. Why? Because we’re in the people and relationship business first.

Print out this two-minute, self-scoring quiz to learn how your soft skills rate:

On the statements below, grade yourself using this 1-to-5 scale:

  1. Never
  2. Almost never
  3. Sometimes
  4. Almost always
  5. Always

How often do you:

____ Listen to others attentively, even when you disagree?

____ Boost and foster good feelings in others?

____ Project a positive presence?

____ Express a positive attitude even when it’s difficult?

____ Give people credit for their ideas?

____ Resolve conflicts with diplomacy and tact?

____ Treat others with respect, even when you find it challenging?

____ Honor differences of opinion and keep an open mind?

____ Act as a catalyst to help others get what they want?

____ Accept responsibility for a mistake you’ve contributed to or caused?

____ Adjust how you communicate to be most effective in relating to the needs of others (i.e.,       communicate with different people differently)?

____ Seek to understand how others see a situation?

____ Provide ample opportunity for people to air their concerns?

____ Give feedback tactfully and receive it willingly?

____ Work to find the best possible solutions for disputes?

____ Model the same behaviors you want others to express and display?

____ Seek to respond to what others want or need?

____ Master your emotions when angry or frustrated?

____ Create a sense of safety and openness?

____ Keep current as to what’s important and valued by others?

____ Act in ways that make people feel valued?

____ Drop any need to be right?  (Yup, that’s hard sometimes.)

____ Let go of grudges?

____ Keep your commitments or promises?

____ Communicate respect in everything you say and do?

Scoring:  OK, so how’d you do?

115-125: Congratulations, you’re a communications guru!

105-114: You’re using some excellent connection strategies, but you’re missing some essential connecting cues.

 95-104: Being responsive to others is music to their ears. Explore more ways to connect to what others want, need or value.

 94 and below: Be more aware of your communications style. You may often find yourself frustrated by misunderstandings, fractured communications and missed connection opportunities.

Daniel Abramson is Managing Lead of HRSource, a comprehensive collection of customized employment tools and turnkey solutions exclusive to BrandSource members. For more information, contact Daniel at (540) 535-8484 or daniel@staffdynamics.biz.

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