Samsung’s Bespoke Collection Branches Out

Samsung’s first major Bespoke line extension arrives in July.

Customizable kitchen line enters the laundry room next month

By Alan Wolf, YSN

After establishing a beachhead for its customizable Bespoke line of French door refrigerators, the Samsung sub-brand is branching out into another part of the home.

Set for a July debut is the Bespoke AI (artificial intelligence) laundry pair. The washer offers 5.3 cubic feet of “Ultra Capacity” and an AI-powered “OptiWash” feature that optimizes each wash by automatically adding the ideal amounts of water and detergent, based on how soiled the laundry load is. OptiWash works in tandem with an auto dispense system that stores enough detergent and softener for 20 loads and automatically adds the appropriate amounts to each wash.

Similarly, the Bespoke dryer employs an advanced AI-powered “Optimal Dry” feature that continuously monitors the laundry load’s water content with an enhanced sensor and intelligently optimizes the cycle for thorough drying. The system also automatically controls the cycle time and temperature to protect clothes from overheating, based on an AI-created algorithm. In addition, the dryer has an advanced moisture sensor that detects changes in dampness and humidity, and adjusts the temperature and cycle duration for maximum efficiency. The dryer also features a smart dial that personalizes the laundry experience by recognizing users’ frequently used washing and drying settings.

The stackable laundry pair features a modern, flat-front design with a round, tempered-glass door, and will initially be available in three finishes: brushed navy, brushed black and silver steel, with a fourth color, forest green, to be added in October. Used together, the Bespoke AI washer and dryer can wash, dry and have garments ready to wear within an hour, Samsung said, using their respective “Super Speed Wash” and “Super Speed Dry” features. And when stacked, both units can be controlled from the washer panel for easy-reach convenience.

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The new laundry pair, along with a Bespoke oven that’s limited to the European market, were announced earlier this month by JaeSeung Lee, president and head of Samsung’s Digital Appliances Business, at a Bespoke Home 2022 media event in Korea.

“The positive response from the Bespoke Home event last year showed us our vision for a better home life through inspirational design, customization and intelligent connectivity struck a chord with people around the world,” he said. “This year, we are excited to build on our vision by offering consumers more ways to be self-expressive, experience the connected services and live more sustainably at home with Bespoke.”

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