Samsung Doubles Washer Motor Coverage to 20 Years

But there are provisions

By Alan Wolf, YSN

Owners of new Samsung washers will soon have one less thing to worry about in the world.

The Korean appliance giant plans to extend OEM warranty coverage of its digital inverter tub motors out to 20 years. The move doubles the length of its current coverage, which was already among the industry’s most generous for the component, although there are several prerequisites for service.

According to the company, the new 20-year motor rule only applies to washers assembled in the U.S. and purchased by the consumer on or after July 1, 2022. And, like most limited warranties, a purchase receipt indicating the purchase date is required for filing a claim.

The announcement was made earlier this month during a Bespoke Home 2022 media event in Korea, in which the company also debuted its first Bespoke laundry pair. Samsung said the extended motor warranty is intended “to further encourage sustainable consumption habits” as part of its drive to reduce its environmental footprint.

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Samsung began building washers domestically in 2018 out of a 450,000-square-foot former Caterpillar plant in Newberry, S.C. The company has invested some $500 million in the facility, adding 151,000 square feet and installing two manufacturing and assembly lines with 20 presses and 30 injection molding machines. To date, the factory has shipped more than 4 million washers across the U.S., Samsung said.

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