Dog Days of BrandSource: Amazing Gracie

Man’s best friend indeed. Gracie is by Barry Kindy’s side at work and home, no matter what he is doing.

Barry Kindy’s dog makes for the perfect work companion

By Andy Kriege, YSN

Barry Kindy’s dog Gracie loves going to work.

The 11-year-old Labrador golden retriever has been coming to Ohio’s North Canton TV & Appliance since she was a pup – she even knows how to get there in the morning.

Kindy is the owner of the North Canton-based family business and also serves as BrandSource’s Tri-State Region manager. His canine companion Gracie is the third pooch to appear in YSN’s regular Friday feature and contest, the Dog Days of BrandSource.

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On the Take
“Gracie is a socialite and has to put her nose in everybody’s business,” Kindy said. And with all the compliments and attention, it can sometimes go to her head. “She seems to have us trained, as we reward her with treats to get her to do what we want,” he continued. “I think we have the training routine backwards; her nickname is ‘Taker,’ as she takes everything you put down, like your water bottle, rags, boxes and even the grandbabies’ toys.”

Gracie takes her place alongside Kindy on their way to work. She whimpers if he deviates even slightly from the regular route, and eventually graduates to a desperate yelp!

The dog has free rein to greet visitors at the front door, but the staff keeps a watchful eye out for customers who may not be canine compatible.

If Gracie is behind the counter, she will always jump up with a hearty greeting for customers.

Gracie Being Racy
Gracie is quite flirtatious. When customers come up to the sales desk, Gracie will place her front paws on the counter, work her way up to the guest’s shoulders, and then give a hug. “We forewarn them of the impending embrace,” Kindy said, “and so far, no one has turned down a hug from Gracie.”

As loving and dedicated as Gracie is, she is also known to bag work before the whistle blows. “That is an issue with Gracie,” her master admitted. “She often only wants to put in a half day, and by early afternoon she cries and sits by the back door and wants to go home.”

“I can’t blame her,” Kindy added. “The pay is the same either way, so there’s no incentive to stay longer!”

A Boost for Business
Kindy is convinced that Gracie is good for business. “She is a great icebreaker for the salespeople,” he said. “Customers open right up when they see her and typically share their own pet experiences. And if they return and don’t immediately see her, they will ask, ‘Where’s Gracie?’”

Kindy also firmly believes that bringing his pet to work promotes the store’s family business feel and lifts employee morale.

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