The Winds of Change Are at Our Backs

Embrace the new by owning it

By Jim Ristow, AVB

It was just a few short weeks ago, as my plane lifted off and the Vegas skyline began to fade in the distance, that I experienced an uplifting feeling that had nothing to do with the flight and everything to do with all the people with whom I had just spent the past few days at Summit 22.

While our memories of the show remain fresh, and as we prepare for this August’s Convention in Dallas, allow me to take a minute to reflect on what a great experience this year’s Summit was.

It was great to see all the familiar faces that I have come to know over the years, as well as the many new friendships that were forged at the show. Being live and in person with our outstanding staff, vendor partners, and the finest entrepreneurs in the world was indeed an exhilarating and uplifting experience in and of itself.

The value of the time spent together at the Summit’s various events and the relationships that we formed at the show are incalculable. I’m convinced, more than ever, that if we continue to coalesce as a group and embrace the winds of change that are blowing at our backs, BrandSource will continue to grow and become an even more formidable force to be reckoned with.

With all the turmoil splashed across the headlines these days — war in Europe, inflation, product and labor shortages, crime, high gas prices, the list goes on and on — it was so good to spend time with so many positive people achieving success and making a positive impact on their communities in spite of the chaos.

None of us can singlehandedly change the world, but we can transform our own corner of it by making simple changes. At the show this year we emphasized the theme “Own It,” which speaks to your unique ability to chart the course of your own destiny. AVB offers you all the necessary tools to assist you in doing so. There is one caveat, however: It is up to you to take action to ensure your own success and survival. By owning these changes, you have the potential to not just survive in this challenging and sometimes crazy business, but to thrive and to grow.

Changing old habits and patterns of doing business is difficult indeed. But to ignore the changes the world has made in the past few years is to submit to them. Accepting these changes and adjusting your strategy accordingly by implementing the solutions we offer is a change you should embrace as a lifeline to the future.

I’m thankful I am buckled in as we embark on this journey together, with our feet on the ground and our eyes on the sky, and look forward to seeing you all in Dallas.

Jim Ristow is CEO of AVB Inc., parent of YourSource News and the nearly $25 billion BrandSource buying organization for independent appliance, home furnishings and consumer tech dealers across the country.

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