GEA Offers Independents Exclusive, Commercial-Grade Laundry Line

GE Appliances delivers the goods in this scene from a GEA video.

Well, independents AND the San Diego Zoo

By Andy Kriege, YSN

GE Appliances (GEA) has outfitted the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park with 31 commercial washers and dryers to help the facility tackle its daunting laundry needs.

The powerful laundry pairs have been put to work cleaning and drying towels, surgical linens, and other assorted fabrics that are used in the care of over 12,000 animals. The inhabitants soil upwards of 300 laundry loads each week with everything from waste matter to eucalyptus oil, which would be a stiff challenge for an average residential washer.

But GEA’s commercial-quality machines are built much “beefier” than standard consumer models, and the 4.2-cubic-foot capacity washers can handle loads up to 17.4 pounds. The washers are also equipped with water level controls, while the dryers can vent up to 120 feet.

“We are thrilled to partner with the San Diego Zoo to show the quality, capacity and performance of our commercial laundry portfolio in a real-life setting,” said Peter Pepe, Vice President of Clothes Care at GEA. “If our commercial laundry units can handle a zoo, just imagine what they can do in a standard commercial setting.”

The good news for independent dealers is that GEA is now offering the same heavy-duty laundry pairs at the zoo exclusively to you. According to Lindsey Freibert, GEA’s National Account Sales Director for Retail, the vendor ramped up production due to high demand with a dedicated line in Louisville, freeing up inventory. What’s more, distribution will be strictly limited to buying groups and independents, and a simple certification process will allow for margins of up to 40 percent, she said.

“Margin opportunity is fantastic on this product,” Freibert noted. “These machines are meant for the consumer who wants commercial-grade product without all the bells and whistles. They are a perfect fit for any dealer who has been selling some of the other models in this space and haven’t been able to get secure inventory.”

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