The GE Profile 900 series top-load washer is the first to welcome the Alexa voice assistant onboard.

Vendors unveil a parade of new dishwashers and laundry pairs

By Alan Wolf, YSN

It might be called the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, but that’s not keeping manufacturers from highlighting the laundry room at this week’s sprawling home expo.

Among new laundry introductions, GE Profile unveiled a portfolio of smart laundry pairs that includes the first-ever washer with a built-in voice assistant. Part of the manufacturer’s recently announced $450 million capital investment, the three new top-load series and a front-load 950 platform will feature tangle control that adapts the wash action to minimize tangled loads; smarter wash technology that senses dirt and grime levels in the water and automatically adjusts the cycle accordingly; Microban-infused components that provide antimicrobial action; and that aforementioned on-board voice assistant, which lets users listen to music, check the weather, and set custom wash cycles with a verbal command.

Variously available in white, sapphire blue, and diamond gray, the assortment will ship this June and carry a suggested retail price range of $899 to $1,299.

Beko is taking its sustainability message to a new level with the first washer made from recycled water bottles.

Elsewhere, Beko is putting its money where its sustainability message is. As part of its massive, 30-product launch at KBIS, Europe’s leading freestanding home appliance brand is introducing a next-generation washer made from recycled water bottles. Named a Best of KBIS 2022 Awards finalist, the company’s 24-inch front-load washer features “RecycledTub,” a proprietary manufacturing process that allows Beko to make washer tubs from 60 recycled plastic water bottles without compromising durability or performance. By combining the technology with several other advanced performance, wellness and energy-saving features, Beko lays claim to “the healthiest, most sustainable washer on the market.”

Miele is bringing its innovative automatic dosing system to two new entry-level dishwashers.

Meanwhile, laundry isn’t the only cleanup category getting an overhaul. Premium appliance maker Miele is bringing its first-to-market “AutoDos with integrated PowerDisk” technology to two new entry models within its G7000 dishwasher line. The innovative system automatically dispenses the precise amount of detergent based on the cycle chosen and the soiling level of the dishes. With rinse aid incorporated, the PowerDisk’s quick dissolving powder detergent contains special enzymes for an effective wash, as well as active oxygen for thorough cleanliness and freshness. The PowerDisk holds enough detergent for about 20 cycles, Miele said, although users still have the option to use traditional detergent or tabs and rinse aid as well.