Samsung Commits to Earth-Friendly Appliances

Samsung CEO and Vice Chairman Jong-Hee Han announces the company’s “Together for Tomorrow” initiative.

Eco-conscious initiatives include sustainable packaging, recycled raw materials

By Alan Wolf, YSN

Samsung Electronics will launch a range of sustainability initiatives in 2022 that will accelerate the development of eco-conscious home appliances, the company said.

The eco-efforts are part of Samsung’s “Together for Tomorrow” roadmap, announced earlier this month at CES by Vice Chairman and CEO Jong-Hee Han, which calls for “sustainability initiatives, purposeful partnerships, and connected technologies” that address some of the planet’s most pressing challenges.

According to Hyesoon Yang, Samsung’s executive VP and head of Customer Experience of the Digital Appliances Business, the appliance-side initiatives are aimed at alleviating some of the most vexing environmental and sustainability issues facing the world today.

Samsung’s white-goods game plan includes:

  • Collaborations to combat microplastic pollution.
  • Helping consumers reduce their energy consumption.
  • Cutting back on waste by using recycled plastic.
  • Adapting eco-conscious packaging.

The collaborations include a joint effort with apparel maker Patagonia to reduce the impact of microplastics and to develop and employ innovative material that can “help turn the tide of climate change and restore nature to health,” Patagonia CPO Vincent Stanley said. For its part, Samsung’s Bespoke Water Purifier was among the first to receive NSF certification for its ability to filter out particles that measure as little as 0.5 to 1 micrometer, which include microplastics.

Samsung will also increase the amount of recycled plastic used in the interior components and exterior parts of its home appliances, with the goal of 30 percent utilization by 2024. That would raise the amount of recycled plastic in the company’s appliances from 25,000 tons in 2021 to 158,000 tons in two years.

In addition, Samsung has developed a new kind of polypropylene resin for use in its washing machine tubs that is made from discarded lunchboxes and facial mask straps and is resistant to external shocks.

Samsung is also extending its use of eco-friendly packaging to a larger lineup of products including vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, air purifiers and other appliances, the company said, including packing boxes that can be repurposed by consumers.

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