JustPressOne Partners with BrandSource for Discounted Support Services

By Janice Salmon, JustPressOne

JustPressOne is a business process outsourcing company that provides front and back office administrative support for independent service companies and self-servicing dealers in the home appliance industry.

We do this by providing career-focused, highly-trained team members dedicated to our clients’ companies — we are an extension of their teams. The value of our service and support helps lower costs, improve profitability, and most importantly enables companies to grow their service revenue without incurring the headache, stress, and costs of recruiting, hiring, and managing a growing workforce.

We have proven repeatedly that our solutions reduce client hold time, response rates, customer service experience, front- and back-office efficiency, and human resource investment, all of which leads to improved operational performance.

JustPressOne offers the following core services.

1. Front/Back-Office Workforce

  • Providing general front- and back-office support and administration.
  • We are an extension of your team providing fully trained, career-focused individuals eliminating your need to recruit, hire, and train.
  • Never worry again about absenteeism, workman’s compensation, benefits, or the labor board.

2. Claims Administration

  • Technology and service eliminates virtually all common errors and streamlines claims processing to increase approval and accelerate payments.
  • Qualified adjudicators with industry experience amplify the benefits of automated efficiency.
  • Offering multiple levels of claims services from basic web portal entry to full adjudication.

3.  Automated Outbound Dialing and SMS Text Messaging

  • Make automated, repeated attempts to contact your customers with important updates.
  • Deliver personalized, live-person-sounding calls and voicemail messages in a language of your choice.
  • Ideal for service/delivery appointment scheduling, confirmations, reminders, and rescheduling.
  • Survey your customers using questions of your choice and capture responses.

In an upcoming column, we will focus on industry best practices around claims processing for those members who perform warranty service.

For more information and to schedule a discussion around your specific needs call us at

(877) 311-6602 and be sure to visit our website www.justpressone.com.

Janice Salmon is the founder and CEO of JustPressOne, a business process outsourcing company and AVB partner that provides claims administration services for independent service companies and self-servicing dealers in the home appliance industry. For more information call (877) 311-6602 or visit JustPressOne.com.

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