Your customers can cook dinner directly on the counter with Labitec’s mat-controlled induction cooking system.

New-fangled appliances to broaden your assortment

By Alan Wolf, YSN

No question, cooking, refrigeration, laundry and kitchen cleanup are the bedrock of your appliance business.

But if you’d like to explore the boundaries of white goods, draw new customers, and add a little boost to your bottom line, then read on.

Yanko Design, an online authority on international product design, has compiled a list of this year’s Top 10 Kitchen Appliance Trends. Here’s a sampling:

The Lapitec Chef is seamless induction cooking system that’s concealed within a sintered stone kitchen counter. The unit is controlled by a removable silicon mat (see photo, above) that activates the embedded induction rings and switches on the touch controls. The non-porous, non-absorbent and chemical-resistant countertop features small engravings for aligning the mats and can otherwise be used for preparing food, plating dishes, and hosting social occasions, Yanko says.

Balance, a residential plant cultivator developed by Korean industrial design house Designerdot, allows home chefs to grow their own fresh produce indoors without the muss and fuss of a traditional garden. The all-in-one unit features removable pullout drawers that contain pods, sprout cavities and LED lights where the veggies will germinate and grow, and its compact, minimalist design is a fit with most kitchens.

Continuing the gardening theme, the Reencle food recycler is a trash bin-sized composter that efficiently breaks down food waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer. A mechanical churning system within the Reencle’s inner chamber mixes, rotates, aerates, and compacts up to two pounds of discarded foodstuffs, and together with an included organic additive and a touch of water produces a rich compost mix in about day. A multi-tiered filtration system with an activated carbon layer traps any odors, and an included food scoop and sensor-controlled pop-open lid assure a contact-free experience.

Another eco-friendly entry is Kingfisher’s modular trash bins, comprised of three separate compartments for sorting kitchen waste. Developed for the HomeGoods brand, the stainless-steel modules can be custom configured to fit any space, contain disposable liners, and can be variously assigned trash, recycling or compost duties to help simplify sorting and disposal.

Yanko’s six other Top Ten kitchen contenders for 2022 can be found here.

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