LG Brings Luxury Features to Side-by-Side Fridges

LG describes its “reimagined” side-by-sides as “Modern design with premium features meets easy-access storage.”

A new trio of side-by-sides offer InstaView, Craft ice and anti-bacterial technology

By Alan Wolf, YSN

LG Electronics USA is updating its side-by-side refrigerator lineup with features formerly found only in the company’s luxury Signature line.

The high-end elements include the company’s knock-twice InstaView glass panel for viewing the contents within; LG’s round, slow-melting Craft ice; and its UVnano light technology that kills virtually 100 percent of bacteria on water dispenser nozzles.

The features can now be found in three new side-by-side models — LRSOS2706, LRSDS2706 and LRSXS2706 — which have begun rolling out at retail. Each offers 27-cubic-feet of storage, a flat-door design, discreet pocket handles, and a choice of five different finishes, including “PrintProof” stainless steel. Suggested retail prices begin at $1,450.

InstaView is offered on the LRSOS2706 model, with an updated glass panel that’s 23 percent larger than previous models and features a seamless, edge-to-edge design. The Craft ice maker also appears on the LRSOS2706, as well as the LRSDS2706, and both models are also equipped with UVnano anti-bacterial technology.

The pair is offered in PrintProof stainless and black stainless, while the LRSXS22706 is available in stainless, PrintProof stainless, smooth white and smooth black.

In addition, the new lineup will eventually support LG’s AI-powered customer service platform, Proactive Customer Care, which provides owners with customized maintenance tips, alerts and expedited repairs at no additional cost. The upgrade is expected “in the coming months,” LG said.